4G Won’t Increase Your Net Speed, You Idiots.

4G-LTE-LogoNow before all of you think that i have lost my mind and start pointing your hate filled cannons at me for calling you all idiots. Read on. Sometimes to make people understand something, you’ve got to use harsh words. And it’s not like all of you are idiots, only some are and this post is for them. So, all the intelligent / smart / clever / genius ones please steer clear of this one. No really, please do. Still here? don’t care? fine read away. Don’t blame me later for the rant, though.

What forced to make me this post(rant) is really the stupidity of some people. Since a few months i have been noticing that people have started caring about 4G a lot here. And i was wondering, why are they making such big deal out of it? Because i have seen people thinking twice before before buying a 3G data pack. Then where do these scrooges suddenly get that rich(no disrespect to the actual rich people) that they are demanding for 4G. And then it hit me when i heard it with my own ears. The reason is, they think 4G is some kind of magical function in the phone that can increase the speed of internet or their 2G/3G data pack speed magically… I was literally dumbstruck when i heard that.

I know people in India always try to increase their net speeds by following whatever tips & tricks they could find on the internet. I know because i have been there done all that and even more. Hell, i myself have fooled Airtel a lot of times during “Mobile Office” days for free data recharge and it actually worked during that time. For broadband i tried from TCP optimizer to DNS servers to various malware ridden softwares that claims to increase your broadband speed like magic, to whom knows what to increase my broadband speed when i had BSNL 256Kbps plan. Because ‘Net ka chaska’ is the worst kind of ‘chaska’. I basically tried every stupid trick there is. Nothing worked. And then i learned that the only thing that can increase your broadband speed is money.

You can safely say i was an idiot too. So, now from one idiot to all the fellow idiots out there, listen and listen carefully. 4G is a network just like 3G. It provides almost double the speed when compared to 3G. But it’s not free. And whenever it’s going to be available broadly in India, It’s going to cost twice or even thrice as much as 3G data packs. 4G phone means 4G enabled phone, meaning a phone that can access 4G network. Exactly like a 2G only phone can’t access 3G network. A 3G only phone can’t access 4G network. Lastly 4G is not going to increase your 2G data speed. And it’s definitely not a ‘magical function’.

I know India is a net deprived country. Prices are high bandwidths are low. And even monopolies exist in some places. For example where i live there’s no other broadband provider except for BSNL & Airtel. I pay around 3000 Rupees approx $50 monthly for BSNL 2799 plan which gives me 4Mbps up-to 30GB(2Mbps after FUP) download and 512Kbps upload speed. It seems ridiculous, but since there’s no competition here, they can sit on their butts and say “take it or leave it”. If i had the money i would’ve started my own ISP business and it would’ve been booming by now, but then again i am as broke as any of you, so can’t really do anything. Beside being a “Moongerilaal”.

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  1. Which application would u sujjest for HTC DESIRE 620g for better performance among battery doctor,c cleaner,ram cleaner
    Is there any need of these applications

    1. None. And no. The best way to clear ram is to kill/close/quit the app yourself, which you can do simply by swiping it from the multitasking screen. Not always “kills” the app, but it’s the easiest and the most convenient way to clear the RAM. To completely stop an app/activity go to settings>apps>”running or currently running”>”stop or force stop”.

      A lot of people ask me on Youtube, “why do the games run on smooth on your phone while not on mine?”, “why is your phone not stuttering while mine does?” It’s because there’s nothing running in the background in my phone. Except for usual Android background activities that are required to run the OS.

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