Apple Is Dead

Long ago at Apple there was a certain person that would say “if it does not exist, make it”. But that person is dead now. And with him the real Apple.

You see, whatever that is in the photo above. It is not wire less, let alone wireless charging. And i never expected Apple to just straight up fold and adopt that mediocre mat format for charging and then call it wireless charging on top of it.

I get that, Apple can’t just bend the laws of physics and make wireless electricity. But the least it can do is not follow the herd.

You know, just like in the photo above every photo of so called wire less charger Apple showed at the conference had a wire visible. It appeared as Apple was self knowingly mocking the wireless standard of charging and people’s ignorance towards it.

I mean, c’mon man, you don’t need to be an engineer to see that it is not wireless by any means.

Wireless means contact less. Like WiFi, Radio, Bluetooth etc. Something you could use or connect from one corner to the other corner of the room without any physical visible contact. Now, try doing that with that charging mat. And call it wireless afterwards, i dare you, i double dare you.

Every time someone calls the Qi charging, wireless charging, something inside me dies. I am not even being dramatic here. Ok, maybe just a bit. But then again you only get emotional over something you really care about. And i care about wireless electricity a lot. Not a mad scientist, just a fan of real innovation.

Anyway coming back to phoney wireless charging. That mat is nothing but a giant contact point for your phone nothing else. Repeat after me. Contact Point. Just like the USB port in your phone. You don’t call that wireless now, do you?

Now, for the sake of technicality, some might argue that the phone charges even if you lift it 5 mm above the mat and them some wouldn’t be wrong. But then, think for yourself how feasible and practical that is. And it will probably take an eternity to charge anything like that. Long story short, your argument falls flat on the mat from a whopping 5 mm in the air.

See, i am not against the mat charging, QI(pronounced as KEE not CHEE, why? because i said so) charging, not gonna say whatever you wanna call it charging because then you’d just call it wireless charging again.

I have a request to the whole wide world and all of the 5 people that read my posts. Please stop calling it wireless charging… please… (now read the last line slowly in creepy voice and accent of Tom Marvolo Riddle from the half blood prince to feel my silent anger).

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