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Avira AntivirusHonestly speaking, no Computer is safe today from viruses, trojan, malware, adware ghost programs like key logger and various other type of threats for your computer. If your PC is connected to the internet 24/7 you are very likely to get viruses sooner or later. The problem is when you download something from the internet and especially something free and that too from unofficial or suspicious sources(I know you do), sometimes you don’t stop even if your browser or Antivirus warns you cause’ either you need that file to get the work done or you are just greedy whatever the case is the moment you execute the file it will start infecting your pc. Sometimes you don’t even know that the file is infected.

Now some type of viruses, malwares, trojans can mess up your pc even when you are offline, adwares can’t do that because they need an active internet connection to spy on you and infect you with unwanted adbombs(those ads which you can’t see on the screen but can hear in the background like a song). A very quick resolve for adbombs is to deactivate your WiFi for sometime and close the browser but that’s no solution you will need proper Anti-Spyware/Malware programs such as ‘Malwarebytes’ to deal with those kind of viruses.

When you download something which is infected or rigged with any type of virus which you can’t see obviously, it will infect not only your system but also your friend’s or family’s system even if they are not connected to the internet, if you share that file with them. The most common way by which we share things today with friends today(especially in India) is pen drive. The moment you copy a software or anything from the infected pen drive to your system it gets infected, especially if your pc has no type of protection not even ‘Windows Defender’.

Sometimes even PCs with Antivirus installed are not protected cause’ those Antivirus programs can not detect anything from the pen drive basically they are good for nothing. Some Antiviruses gives you an option to scan the pen drive before opening it in the windows explorer and if you opt not to scan the pen drive and dive directly into the files then it is most likely that the Antivirus wont detect anything and you will get infected.

Now I’ve used many Antiviruses in the past and they all worked, but the problem is none of them offers complete protection, and most of them are not good at dealing with viruses inside pen drives, some are good in dealing with the viruses you catch from the internet, some are good at detecting viruses in your drives, some can detect viruses in your pen drives. I’ve even seen viruses on a DVD, some can only detect but can not do anything about the infection, they will ask you to buy the the full version to take any action on the infected files.

I’ve used Avast, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, Norton, Quickheal and they are all good antiviruses but all of them have their pros and cons like avast is good in overall protection but is very slow and make your PC even slower. Kaspersky, Norton, Quickheal sometimes don’t detect anything unless you know where the suspicious file is and point the antivirus to scan that folder, file or alternatively do a full scan and sometimes they don’t do much unless you buy their ‘Pro’ versions or simply the versions which costs money. AVG is the most useless of them all it hardly ever detects anything the only good thing about it is its totally free.

Avira is the only Antivirus which i used and didn’t make my PC slow and with Avira even if you opt out not to scan the pen drive it will tell you it has virus, malwares the moment you connect the pen drive or any external device once it even detected virus in a DVD but naturally couldn’t able to do anything about it cause’ the DVD wasn’t writable. You can then delete the virus or send it to ‘Quarantine’ in Antivirus’ lingo. The best part is Avira wont ask you to buy anything to do that and it does not need frequent updating. Although what I’ve noticed is Avira is not good at dealing with viruses which your PC catches from the internet at least the free version is not, don’t know about the pro version you can buy and try if you want. In terms of paid Antiviruses Kaspersky has the edge because its overall performance is better, not only just detecting and removing viruses from pen drives.

So, if i talk about India or any other place in the world where people share a lot through pen drives, like my friends(especially in colleges) shares almost anything which they can through pen drives and sometimes they don’t even know that they are spreading viruses unintentionally. The viruses have become so intelligent that they will sit there and wait until you connect to the internet to spread their infection. Most viruses/trojans/malwares your PC catch from infected pen drives don’t even need internet cause’ they are that type of viruses that just want to mess up your PC and nothing else, Avira can help you get rid of those viruses even before they infect you especially those which resides into your pen drive.

I am calling Avira the best and suggesting it to everyone because it worked for me, its all based on my personal experience maybe some other Antivirus might work for someone else. There’s no way to determine perfect Antivirus today, it all depends on the need and what works for you. Type what you think and which Antivirus works for you the best in the comments below. Any feedback is appreciated.

Free Download : Avira Antivirus

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