Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Review

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
Not long ago i reviewed a phone named Xiaomi Mi4i and just like that phone i have only one problem with this phone. The Snapdragon 615. No matter how beautiful and sturdy phone you make. If its inside is burning then eventually you’ll feel the heat in your hand too. Continue reading “Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Review”

Xiaomi Mi4i Review – Just If…

Xiaomi Mi4i Review
You might have heard of the saying “Not everybody get what they want”. That “just if…” above is exactly that. I don’t say this for many phones, but just if it had a slightly better chip-set than Snapdragon 615, let’s say Mediatek MT6752, this phone could have been ‘perfect’. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi4i Review – Just If…”

Sony Xperia E4G Review

Sony Xperia E4G ReviewSony Xperia E4G could have been a great budget phone just if Sony had paid a little attention on its camera and RAM department. It’s screen size is perfect for one hand use, it’s very portable and lightweight. Continue reading “Sony Xperia E4G Review”

HTC Desire 626G+ Review

HTC Desire 626G+ ReviewYou know, when you expect something and happens something else. That’s what happened with this phone. I expected something and got something else. It’s like the saying “same wine in different bottle”. This wine, i mean phone is not all bad though, it has got some good points too. Like it’s camera. To find out more good and bad points of this phone, keep reading the review. Continue reading “HTC Desire 626G+ Review”

HTC Desire 820s Review – Feel The Power Of Midrange

HTC Desire 820s ReviewYeah! Feel it! Whom need a high end phone when you can get this kind of performance at less than half the price of a flagship phone. The price which is only going to come down further. HTC Desire 820s is both a very big upgrade in terms of performance and downgrade in terms of software when compared to the original 820 though. If you don’t know what i am talking about, read on. Continue reading “HTC Desire 820s Review – Feel The Power Of Midrange”

HTC Desire 526G+ Review

HTC Desire 526G+ You know it’s kind of hard to find a notable flaw in this device. It’s not like it is perfect. And neither everything in this phone is of top notch quality. But considering this phone is available for 10,000 Rupees/$160 approx only. This is, as ‘top notch’ as you could get. Besides, at this price range You can’t nit-pick anyway. Continue reading “HTC Desire 526G+ Review”

HTC Desire 620G Review

HTC Desire 620G ReviewI don’t know what to write about this phone anymore. I bought it solely because i thought it comes with full HTC Sense 6.0 now that i know, it doesn’t. There’s really not much difference left between this phone and HTC Desire 616. You can also compare it with Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime as it comes with a front 5 MP camera. But then again, it’s not really a selfie camera. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad camera. Its just it does not have the same features as a selfie camera. Even the octa core Mediatek MTK 6592 chipset isn’t that special anymore. As it is easily available in phones below 10,000 Rupees or approx $160 USD. Anyway for the extra price you are going to get HTC’s name and quality if nothing else. Continue reading “HTC Desire 620G Review”