iPhone 6 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

iphone 6 plus vs galaxy note 4Sorry, i know i am making a lot of comparisons today but i can’t help it. These comparisons are so obvious that i just have to make them. Take this one for example think of the newly launched iPhone 6 plus and tell me that Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t come to your mind as its competition. Continue reading “iPhone 6 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4”

iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha

iphone 6 vs samsung galaxy alphaIt’s like Samsung already knew what Apple is going to introduce. Hence, they launched its competitor just days before iPhone 6′ actual launch. So, i am going to compare both these phones and will try to figure out why they both cost more than a second hand car. Continue reading “iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha”

Moto G Second Gen Vs Micromax Canvas Nitro

Moto G 2nd gen vs Micromax canvas nitroMoto G Second Gen and Micromax Canvas Nitro two recently launched smartphones. Both very popular. Both costs exactly the same. One difference i can tell you right now. You can buy one of them by simply walking in-to your local smartphone shop and the other one, you can only buy online. In fact one of them is never going to be available in shops. Fore more differences and similarities, read on! Continue reading “Moto G Second Gen Vs Micromax Canvas Nitro”

Micromax Canvas Nitro Vs Xiaomi Redmi Note

Canvas nitro vs redmi note 1Micromax wrapped up its conference and unveiled Micromax Canvas Nitro A310. And, now it’s time for it to go against it competition which clearly is Xiaomi Redmi Note. Although there are other phones with similar specs available for around the same price, like Karbonn Octane and Karbonn Octane Plus. But in this comparison lets see how the newly launched Canvas Nitro stack up against Xiaomi’s octa-core offering. Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Nitro Vs Xiaomi Redmi Note”

Comparison of upcoming mid-range chipsets

Snapdragon vs MediatekIt’s about time we get some new mid-range chipsets. Especially from Snapdragon. I can’t tell about you but i am really tired of hearing Snapdragon 400’s name again and again. Moving on, the four mid-range chipsets you are going to hear a lot about in the near future are Snapdragon 410, Snapdragon 610 and two from Mediatek, MT6732 and MT6595. Continue reading “Comparison of upcoming mid-range chipsets”

Nokia X2 Vs Nokia Lumia 530 Vs Moto E

Nokia X2 vs Lumia 530 vs Moto EThis is a battle between budget phones. Lumia 530 looks like the odd one out between the three because of its OS, but hardware wise it is not. It is also running on the same chip-set as Moto E and Nokia X2. If you look at the model number of Lumia 530 you’ll notice that it is the successor of the most popular Windows Phone in the world. The Nokia Lumia 520. But for some reason it doesn’t seem like much of a successor of 520 though. It looks more or less the same. Continue reading “Nokia X2 Vs Nokia Lumia 530 Vs Moto E”

Micromax Canvas HD Plus A190 Vs Xolo Play 6X 1000 Vs Karbonn Titanium Hexa

canvas hd plus vs xolo play 6x 100 vs karbonn titanium hexaSeems like Micromax is running out of names. Micromax Canvas HD plus, confused if a phone with same name have been released before? Worry not. Micromax Canvas HD Plus A190 is a brand new phone from Micromax and it is also the first hexa core smartphone from the company. This is a comparison battle between hexa core smartphones that are recently launched in India. They are also available for around same price. So a comparison is inevitable. Continue reading “Micromax Canvas HD Plus A190 Vs Xolo Play 6X 1000 Vs Karbonn Titanium Hexa”