HTC Desire 616 Vs The rest of the Octa-Core smartphones

htc desire 616 octa coreHTC Desire 616 is the first true Octa Core smartphone from HTC. And it’s not that expensive either. It cost only 16,900 Rupees. Looking at the previous track record of HTC. They are used to launch such phones at much higher price than this. They said that HTC Desire 616 is aimed specifically at Asian markets. And price is the most important factor here. So they are doing something right at least. Continue reading “HTC Desire 616 Vs The rest of the Octa-Core smartphones”

HTC Desire 516 or Blackberry Z3

One more choice, you can buy both. But the price at which they are available at. I don’t think the companies are aiming for people whom can buy both. Anyway, The major difference between both these phones is of the OS. HTC Desire 516 runs on Android while Blackberry Z3 runs on god-knows-what. Oh yes, after a quick Google search now i know. It runs on something called Blackberry OS. And that is the main problem with Blackberry now a days. It is becoming obsolete. Continue reading “HTC Desire 516 or Blackberry Z3”

Micromax Canvas Gold vs Micromax Canvas Knight – The Differences

canvas gold a300
I am not going to compare Canvas Knight and Canvas Gold rather i am going to tell you the main difference between the two. Except for the looks, Canvas Gold and Canvas Knight seems too similar in specification. But the devil is in the details here. Both these phones are very different from each other. They are somewhat available for the same price though. Primary differences between both the phones are given below. Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Gold vs Micromax Canvas Knight – The Differences”

HTC Desire 816 vs Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

htc desire 816 vs sony xperia t2 ultra
HTC Desire 816 is getting really popular lately because of its specs and price. It has got a 5.5 inches SLCD HD screen. Snapdragon 400 SOC clocked at 1.6 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM and what not. But there’s another phone that is just like Desire 816 and it has got an even bigger screen. Sony Xperia T2 Ultra. Now, this one has 6 inches HD LCD screen, same Snapdragon 400 chipset but clocked at 1.4GHz, 1GB RAM, you can read the table below for full specs of both the phones. Continue reading “HTC Desire 816 vs Sony Xperia T2 Ultra”