How hard is it to find a laptop with full HD display around Rs. 50,000 – 60,000?

lenovo flex 2Short answer, very hard. Long answer, they don’t exist. Okay, that wasn’t very long either. But anyway! The point is 50,000 – 60,000 Rupees(Approx $800 – $1000) price segment is not actually high end when it comes to Laptops but it’s not budget segment either, it is at least mid-high segment. And for that price companies don’t even give 1600×900 resolution screen let alone full HD screen. Smartphones around 20,000 Rupees have Full HD display now a days. Continue reading “How hard is it to find a laptop with full HD display around Rs. 50,000 – 60,000?”

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 announced

Microsoft has launched its 2014 version of Surface Pro tablet. Named Surface Pro 3. Microsoft is selling this tablet with a tagline that says. ‘Tablet that can replace your laptop’. That’s a good thing. It’s only 9.1mm thick. And now it has 12 inches screen with a resolution of 2,160 x 1,440. I would say thinnest full powered PC in the world. It is going to be available in three variants. Core i3, 64 GB, 4GB of RAM for $799, Core i5, 128GB-256GB, 4GB-8GB RAM for $999-$1,299, Core i7, 256GB-512GB, 8GB RAM for $1,549-$1,949. Available to buy in the United States of America only. Continue reading “Microsoft Surface Pro 3 announced”

How to make windows 7 genuine

Are you still running Windows 7? And if so, after some of the recent windows updates, is it showing that your copy is not genuine? Don’t worry, just type ‘cmd’ in search box of start menu then right click on ‘cmd’ or command prompt as it is formally called and select ‘run as administrator’ after that in command prompt type “SLMGR -REARM”, without quotes and in all caps, wait for a pop up then restart and wallah your Windows 7 is genuine again. This is the easiest way to make your windows 7 genuine.

Best free Antivirus to remove Virus from Pen Drives

Avira AntivirusHonestly speaking, no Computer is safe today from viruses, trojan, malware, adware ghost programs like key logger and various other type of threats for your computer. If your PC is connected to the internet 24/7 you are very likely to get viruses sooner or later. The problem is when you download something from the internet and especially something free and that too from unofficial or suspicious sources(I know you do), sometimes you don’t stop even if your browser or Antivirus warns you cause’ either you need that file to get the work done or you are just greedy whatever the case is the moment you execute the file it will start infecting your pc. Sometimes you don’t even know that the file is infected. Continue reading “Best free Antivirus to remove Virus from Pen Drives”

The new iPad is called iPad Air

iPad AirWell here it is the wait is over and the new iPad is here and its called ‘iPad Air’ and just like the leaks, it looks exactly like the iPad Mini just with a big display. It runs on the same A7 64 bit processor and M7 motion processor as iPhone 5s, no new ‘A7x’ this time, maybe next time. It will be available in following colours white/gray, silver/black. Its now only 7.5mm thick and weighs only 469grams(WiFi only model). It runs on iOS7 operating system. On the back its got 5 Megapixel iSight camera and HD Camera in front, same 10 hours battery life as before. It will replace the existing iPad or ‘iPad Retina’ but iPad 2 will still be available for $399. None of the iPads announced contains the ‘Touch ID’ feature, as it was suggested in the leaks. The iPad Air will start at $499 for 16GB WiFi only, approx 31,000 Rupees. It will start shipping on 1st of November in several markets worldwide, though no news on release date in India but its coming soon. Continue reading “The new iPad is called iPad Air”

Download Windows 8.1 iso for free

Windows 8.1Windows 8.1 is released only on retail copies or as a update on Windows Marketplace, you can not download it as an iso from anywhere except only if you buy it from an online retail store. Although if you still want a spare DVD to keep as backup you can download preview iso(links are below) and since they are iso you can burn them as a backup on a standard DVD. Its a preview by just name in reality its the whole Windows 8.1 iso, so don’t think you are downloading some half-baked iso. Mind you that even if the Preview iso is legal and free to download, product keys are not, you have to buy genuine product keys if you don’t have a product key Continue reading “Download Windows 8.1 iso for free”

How to find your Windows 8 Key

Windows 8 keyNow that Windows 8.1 is out and most of us want to update, but with keeping our current system Windows 8 preserve so that if something happened during installation and PC stops functioning we can go back to the Windows 8. Now for those whom bought the retail copy of Windows 8 the one which comes with a physical DVD and a product key and if you’ve already made recovery discs/pen drive(yes you can make recovery pen drive) there’s no problem, but for those whom bought a new PC which comes pre-installed with Windows 8 like one of my relatives, there’s a little problem Continue reading “How to find your Windows 8 Key”