How to play Android games on PC for free

bluestacksIf you have a PC/Laptop and want to play Android games on it for free and that too legally then download this software called “bluestacks”. It’s currently available to download for free(Link is below). It currently supports windows 8/7/vista/xp, Mac OS, it’s in beta phase right now but it works without any problems. Its actually an OS inside OS meaning that you are running Android on top of Windows as in emulation inside a player, the apps are not running natively on the windows which means they will not run properly on PC with weak specs. So to emulate properly you will need a powerful PC/laptop at least something with a dedicated GPU. Although you can still try with any PC/Laptop that you have. Continue reading “How to play Android games on PC for free”

Breaking News : Twitter’s Event Parrot

eventparrotTwitter has revealed its own ‘Breaking News’ system called “Event Parrot” just like a real parrot, this will tell you whatever you teach it. Well, not exactly but its still the same system, instead of you, there’s twitter and taking the place of a parrot is twitter’s digital parrot. In place of useless blabbering this event parrot will tell you about what’s happening in the world or most likely what’s ‘breaking’ in the world, breaking as in the news, not literally , sometimes ‘breaking news’ becomes quite literal though. Breaking News in only 140 alphabets, not bad. All you have to do is follow the event parrot on twitter and it will alerts all its followers with the latest and the greatest. This might the first parrot in the world which ‘tweets’.

Have you seen the new Yahoo mail on PC ?

Yahoo_LogoYahoo is really trying hard to revive itself, and now with its acquisition of flickr and tumblr, it is using them in the user interface and i must say the way they used the flickr integration in Yahoo mail is quite good. Yahoo is using flickr artists and images to make themes for Yahoo mail. Continue reading “Have you seen the new Yahoo mail on PC ?”