Why Xiaomi Mi5 Is Not Overpriced

Xiaomi Mi5 is not overpriced
First of all, let me tell you that i am not a fanboy of Xiaomi or any company. But what i am a fan of is value. I have been reading a lot about this phone on the internet and almost everywhere i read about it, i found one thing common, a lot of people are calling it overpriced. How can anyone call this phone overpriced is beyond me. But why you can’t is what i am going to tell you. Continue reading “Why Xiaomi Mi5 Is Not Overpriced”

HTC Desire 820S Unboxing

HTC Desire 820s dual simLook at this homepage. Just look at it. All you will see are HTC phones(and one post dedicated to idiots). Well, HTC has been launching some good value for money phones lately. And looking at how big of a sucker for value for money products i am. I can’t resist but to buy these phones. Especially when they give very good performance and still falls in somewhat ‘affordable’ category. Continue reading “HTC Desire 820S Unboxing”

Micromax Unite 2 Unboxing

Micromax unite 2
Micromax Unite 2 seems like a pretty normal phone. When you look at it for the first time but it’s not that normal. Its secrets resides in what is inside the phone. Even i was thinking like that when i was unboxing the phone. But when i used it. It became clear what software optimization and a decent CPU/GPU combination can do to a 7,000 Rupees phones. I am surprised and you will be surprised too when you will see its gaming performance. Continue reading “Micromax Unite 2 Unboxing”

Sony Xperia M2 Review

Xperia_m2_reviewSony Xperia M2, the successor of Xperia M is not going to be as successful as Xperia M. Reason is simple. Its price. Sony doubled the price but forgot to double the performance of Xperia M2. For example it has the same GPU as Xperia M. Although they did double the internal storage from 4GB to 8GB and also the processor. Xperia M has dual core Cortex A7 CPU while Xperia M2 has Quadcore Cortex A7 CPU clocked at 1.2 GHz. Not high enough looking at the price point. Sony just became the second best smartphone selling company in India Continue reading “Sony Xperia M2 Review”

Htc Desire 310 Short & Sweet Review

Htc_desire_310_review_1Htc desire 310 left a lot of things to desire. It’s like Htc has taken the name literally. There’s not a lot to write about this phone. As it has no special features, actually apart from its price it has nothing that i can call special. I thought it’s special because this phone might have been the first from Htc to have 1GB RAM with a really affordable price. But i am proven wrong. Thanks snapdeal partially for that. They stated specs wrong in their description of the phone. As a result of that i am stuck with a phone with 512MB RAM. Continue reading “Htc Desire 310 Short & Sweet Review”

Micromax Canvas Knight Review

Canvas_knight_reviewThe main USP of Micromax Canvas Knight is it’s octa core processor and its price point. It’s like Micromax has shoved everything it could into one phone and thought it will become a best seller. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, what’s wrong is the execution of idea. The idea of putting powerful internals in a phone was a very good idea but they forgot one crucial thing. They forgot to optimize the phone around that hardware by optimization i am talking about software portion of the phone here. I don’t think even Android itself is capable of taking full advantage of an octa core processor. But right now it is becoming thinking among the consumers that more is better. Well, sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. In this case it’s not. Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Knight Review”

Micromax Mad Review

Micromax Mad ReviewMicromax Mad is available in Indian market for a price of around 8,500 Rupees. For that price you will get a Broadcomm chipset with Quadcore CPU and Videocore IV HW GPU. You will get two 5 megapixel camera, yes not one but two. The only difference is front one doesn’t have a LED flash. You will get a 4.5 inch IPS display with decent viewing angles. It is a dual sim phone. The question is, what does this phone has that makes it different from other phones? Well, it has an app called “Mad App”, Mad here stands for ‘Mad about ads’. I wouldn’t call you ‘MAD’ but if you have no problem watching 1 or 2 ads every time before you make a call Continue reading “Micromax Mad Review”