Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Review

Galaxy grand 2 reviewSamsung Galaxy Grand 2 looks like a really good smartphone when you first look at it, but like they say looks can be deceiving. So, i dove further into the phone to see if its just looks or does it really has something which makes it unique? Let me give you a hint, the answer is not surprising. You can read all about it below and also the video review of this phone turned out to be pretty long. So i am thinking just to make things up for that, i am going to keep this written review a little short and mostly concentrate on important points and things that i liked and things about the phone that i didn’t. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Review”

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Unboxing

Galaxy Grand 2Samsung Galaxy Grand was such a successful phone. You know why? Because it was the first smartphone or first affordable smartphone with a 5 inch screen from an international brand like Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 on the other hand has no such advantage. Although it has bigger 5.25 inches HD screen but except for that, it’s actually even inferior than the phones that are already available in the market at much lower prices. The only thing which is worth its price tag is the beautiful 720p HD screen by Samsung. I am quite surprised by the quality of the display actually. I have never used a Galaxy phone before maybe that’s why i am feeling surprised. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Unboxing”

Nokia Asha 502 Unboxed

Nokia_Asha_502First of all i want to say that, I totally love the design of Nokia Asha 502. It would be awesome if Nokia makes a Lumia phone with same design, it would be even better if Nokia uses Android instead of Windows Phone(I am looking at you Nokia Normandy). That crystal cover like back is very solid and the front is not bad either, in fact the front is made of gorilla glass. Gorilla glass around 5,000 Rupees is insanity. All in all the phone is really well built. Now on the specs side, Continue reading “Nokia Asha 502 Unboxed”

Unboxing Nokia’s Legacy

Nokia 515 boxI called this legacy of Nokia, because this is what Nokia is known for. Making quality handset with ease of use. Nokia build its name on these type of handsets. Today it was kind of an emotional unboxing for me, because of my history with Nokia phones and this is the last handset of its kind. The first ever ‘Smartphone’ that I’ve ever used was Nokia 5320 Express-music. It was my first ever Nokia phone too, at that time Nokia N series was the thing though, but i have to settle with 5320 Express-music because of my budget, but later it turns out that it was the best phone that i could get around 10,000 Rupees Continue reading “Unboxing Nokia’s Legacy”

iPhone 5c Unboxing

iPhone 5cFirst of before you watch the video, this is not the kind of unboxing you’d usually expect, it is kind of different, but it is an unboxing anyways. Now for iPhone 5c’ after unboxing impressions, it is a very small, sleek device and it is slippery as hell. After using so many android big foots of phones this phone feels like a toy in hand but that’s just its outside, from the inside this phone is not is not so small from those ‘big foots’, I’m talking performance wise, and its price isn’t so small either. Continue reading “iPhone 5c Unboxing”

Sony Xperia C Review

xperia c reviewSony Xperia C is not one of those 5 inch screen phone which you can buy for around 12,000 Rupees. It’s different, what’s different you ask? Well, first of all its a Sony phone and anything which is Sony does not come cheap, Xperia M is an exception. You are paying 20,000 Rupees for Sony’s name here. The processor inside this phone, you can find it in any Quad-core sub 10,000 rupees phone, and not only that for as much as 8,000 Rupees less you can get HD 720p display, So then why is Sony asking for 20,000 Rupees for this phone? That’s what i am going to tell you about in this review, I am going to break down different aspects of a phone like hardware, software, camera and much more in small chunks of words so that you can digest it easily without scratching your head. Continue reading “Sony Xperia C Review”

Sony Xperia C Unboxed

xperia cSony Xperia C is a big device and not only just the screen, Its chassis, its bezel, everything. Its quite heavy too weighs at 153 grams and i found something a little interesting, every Sony Xperia C is going to be Dual Sim so there’s only one version of this phone that is going to be available worldwide and that is Dual Sim, and one of the Sim slot supports WCDMA and GSM both (One at a time) and the other Sim slot only supports GSM. That means you can use one WCDMA Sim and one GSM Sim both at same time, something you won’t find usually in these dual Sim phones. Continue reading “Sony Xperia C Unboxed”