Xiaomi Poco F1

I know you have done mistakes in the past Xiaomi. But all is forgiven now. Why? Because, look at what you did for the world, bae. You gave them the answer to probably the most asked question in the world, at least in the phone world. “What’s the best phone in the world?”. And yes, i just called Xiaomi, Bae. Continue reading “Xiaomi Poco F1”

Want a PS4? Amazon might give you one for free

As you can see in the image above. It’s pretty self-explanatory. But allow me to explain a little further. First of all this is a contest. So, not everyone is going to get a PS4 for free only one lucky winner is going to win a PS4. To enter all you have to do is download Amazon’s mobile app and sign in. This contest will start on 14th of July and will end at midnight of 3rd of August. Continue reading “Want a PS4? Amazon might give you one for free”

There’s something wrong with flipkart’s Moto E’s reviews

As of 14th of may, 2014 Moto E already has 931 ratings on flipkart and 764 out of them are 5 star ratings! And the reviews are exploding all over the place. Now my problem is, how can they ‘review’ it, without even touching the phone? Ladies & gentlemen, gone are the days when only cricket matches were used to be rigged. Now, even smartphones reviews are seem to be rigged/fixed! It looks like some of the them were written by flipkart employees themselves! Continue reading “There’s something wrong with flipkart’s Moto E’s reviews”

Hey Motorola? What about services?

Now in this age of technology where a company(Motorola Mobility) is being tossed around like tennis ball from one giant company(Google) to another(Lenovo). A question that always comes to my mind is what about services? Especially when i think about companies that sells electronic devices like smartphones. Continue reading “Hey Motorola? What about services?”

Next Gen Hand Movement!

Seriously, ever seen a hand movement like that in a video game before? I haven’t. By the way it’s from the recently announced Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Full trailer is below. Don’t know about warfare but it sure has advanced hand gesture. And did i tell you that the guy in that trailer is Kevin Spacey? The latest case of ‘lungi dance’ flu. Also the latest iteration of Call of Duty has exoskeletons, Hover bikes, campaign like a blockbuster Hollywood movie. Perfect recipe to get you like the game before you start hating it again. Continue reading “Next Gen Hand Movement!”

Micromax Canvas Knight Tortured

In my review video, i said that i won’t test my hammer on this phone but what can i do, i just love Micromax too much to not try my hammer test on their flagship phone. Not just hammer, i have done lot of things to the phone, i am not going to spoil the surprise for you, just watch the video below to find out yourself what this phone has went through. Although one thing i wanna say that the phone did pretty good in all of the tests. Unfortunately its back didn’t survive as you can see in the photo above. It also looks like that the phone has punched itself and shattered the back glass because of that Micromax logo. Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Knight Tortured”