Interesting phone news: LS’ 360° bendable phone leaked

Well, today I’ve got some interesting news for you all. According to one of my hypothetical sources, it’s been revealed that a company called LS(Life Sucks) is making a bendable phone, ’cause bending is future, and the phone is completely bendable up to 360° and it’s paper thin, which makes it perfect to be used in bathroom as toilet paper, if there is no toilet paper in there and you are in emergency. Continue reading “Interesting phone news: LS’ 360° bendable phone leaked”

Google plus has messed up my comments (Updated)

Comment errorI’ve been trying to reply to a comment on my YouTube channel and look what i get due to this all new comment system. Even after connecting my channel to Google plus ID it still won’t allow me to comment. The most funny part is as you can see in the image above, I am not allowed to comment on my own channel. So, sorry my fellow commentors, if you does not see a reply from me, it’s not my fault.

Update:It’s working now, but i still can’t reply to old comments because there’s no reply button on them.

Best music sites/apps to listen mp3 songs for free

MusicNow a days mostly everyone listens to music digitally as in through smartphones, mp3 players, laptops, online. Now if you have a laptop and/or smartphone and want to listen to songs from latest movies, albums for free then all you have to do is go to the following sites and/or download the apps on your smartphones. Some of these sites have song selection from international to regional artists/labels and in various languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil etc. Continue reading “Best music sites/apps to listen mp3 songs for free”

How to find your Windows 8 Key

Windows 8 keyNow that Windows 8.1 is out and most of us want to update, but with keeping our current system Windows 8 preserve so that if something happened during installation and PC stops functioning we can go back to the Windows 8. Now for those whom bought the retail copy of Windows 8 the one which comes with a physical DVD and a product key and if you’ve already made recovery discs/pen drive(yes you can make recovery pen drive) there’s no problem, but for those whom bought a new PC which comes pre-installed with Windows 8 like one of my relatives, there’s a little problem Continue reading “How to find your Windows 8 Key”

Hugh Jackman the choice of Micromax

micromax spoofHugh Jackman has been selected by Micromax, currently the second biggest smartphone manufacturer in India as brand ambassador to promote its products especially smartphones and more importantly its Canvas series. Hugh Jackman is no small name when it comes to international film industry(Even if somebody in India or anywhere in world don’t know who Hugh Jackman is, I am damn sure they do know who “Wolverine” is), which raises a question, is Micromax betting to go beyond Asian or Indian shores and trying to go truly international, say including Australia, America, Europe on their sales radar? Well, only Micromax and Time(as in literally, not the magazine) will tell. Currently he is teasing a new Canvas phone in a teaser video called “Canvas Turbo” Continue reading “Hugh Jackman the choice of Micromax”

Karbonn A25 review

karbonn a25

Karbonn A25 is just another android smartphone in the market, but it has something under it’s belt which makes it a little different from other phones Continue reading “Karbonn A25 review”