Hey Motorola? What about services?

Now in this age of technology where a company(Motorola Mobility) is being tossed around like tennis ball from one giant company(Google) to another(Lenovo). A question that always comes to my mind is what about services? Especially when i think about companies that sells electronic devices like smartphones.

Whom will provide after sales services to your shiny new smartphone? Previously Motorola was a Google company and i have never seen a ‘Google service center’ in my life. In fact, i have never seen a Motorola retail store or service center in my 21 year old life. Even when Moto Razr was a thing there was no service center of Motorola around my place. All we had were old dusty phone selling shops and local repair shops.

Those local repair shops really did well in terms of repairing Motorola and other phones though. I remember going there with my father and see a plethora of keypad phones being torn apart and then fixed like a new one. My sister had a Motorola L9 once, luckily, we never had to visit the repair shop for it. It was such a sturdy device. I give that to Motorola. But, that was a different time. Now a days most smartphones have proprietary internal parts that only the company could provide through warranty or with payment(if your device is out of warranty or got damaged because of water or physical damage).

Take the newly launched Moto E for example, whom will provide warranty for it? Motorola of course. That sounds good in theory but think practical for a moment. Imagine your device got damaged, you search on the internet to find a ‘Motorola service center’ near you. You find nothing. Now what? Flipkart or any other online store can only provide you with Warranty cards. It can only do that much. I can understand that some metro cities might have a Motorola retail shop or service center. But 2 or 3 cities doesn’t represent the whole scenario.

Whom will provide the warranty, Lenovo? Google? Or the other half of Motorola, Motorola solution, itself? Nobody knows. And i find it bothersome that companies don’t bother to disclose important information like this publicly. Has anyone got his Moto G or Moto X serviced by an ‘official’ service center in past months? Please tell me in the comments below. I curiously want to know.

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