Htc Desire 310 Benchmark & Gaming Performance

Htc_desire_310_benchmarkHtc desire 310 is a very average phone, everything about it shouts average, from its processor to its camera. But in the benchmark tests it performed a little above than average or you can also say a little better than what you would expect from a phone under this price range. Some of the benchmark tests like T-rex test of geekbench test didn’t even start. The reason it stated for not being able to run the test was not the weak CPU or GPU but its lack of RAM. As this phone has only 512MB RAM which acts as a bottleneck for demanding games and benchmark tests. Below are the screeshots of benchmark results.



Gaming wise this phone is pretty good actually, it can play any game you put on it easily thanks to its low resolution screen. That’s all good and well but it’s not that easy to install games on it in the first place. Because it has only 1.8GB free memory out of advertised 4GB. This phone has an option of “default write storage”
meaning you can select whether internal memory or micro sd card to store data but the problem is, it’s for only saving multimedia like music, photos, videos and other stuff. You can’t save or install games or app data on the micro sd card. Apart from 512MB RAM, this is another problem that this phone has. Eventually all the problems that this phone has are all memory related. But it can run graphic intensive games pretty well for example it ran Asphalt 8 without any problems, you can see for yourself in the video below.

17 thoughts on “Htc Desire 310 Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

  1. how did u manage to install all those games?? and r u indian?

    i am confused between this and canvas 2.2.. but i want htc for better brand..

    so if i ma able to install all of this games together.. then i will get it for sure.. so how did u install all those together>?

    1. The only big game out of those four games is Asphalt 8, rest aren’t that big in size. It comes with 2GB free memory, you can install at least that many games on it. You have to organize what you install accordingly, for example if you install a game that is 2GB in size then you won’t be able to install any more games on it. And yes i am an Indian. Htc might be bigger/better brand but this phone doesn’t worth your money.

      So buy Canvas 2.2 or the newly launched Lenovo A526. They are both very similar to Desire 310 but Canvas 2.2 has better front and back camera with LED flash and also it has 5 inches qHD screen. In Lenovo A526 you will get 1GB RAM around 8,000 Rupees rest of its specs are exactly the same as Desire 310.

      1. ok.. i will look forward to the lenovo one.. can u plz give me a list of same type of specs phone around 10-12 k price range!??

        1. Any canvas around that price range is good. Especially canvas turbo mini. And then there are Xperia M, Xperia L, Moto G. Moto G is a very good phone around 12,000 Rupees.

      2. hey,. i just checked out the Lenovo A526 and i saw taht it does not have any gpu.. so not gonna work for me.. i wud no be able to play games like asphlat 8 , mc 4.. ETC!!

          1. okkk.. then it is really good for the price…. well then i will be taking anything like either canvas 2.2 or a526.. and as of moto g.. they have no servie centres in india.. plus it is only availabe throuhg flipkart/..

  2. okkk.. then it is really good for the price…. well then i will be taking anything like either canvas 2.2 or a526…. can u tell which one of this has better after sales service??? I am actually more interested in micromax one… bcoz of large sreen and better camera… but there are many people saying taht mmx after sales service is extremely BAD!!

    So i dont wanna repent after buying.. So which one has better after sales service?? and how abt after sales seervice of Gionee??

    1. You want to buy the phone to use or to wrestle with it? Why care about the service so much? Believe me, if you use the phone properly, you’d never have to go to service center, ever. I can’t tell you surely about the after sales services of the companies as each company has it’s different procedures of providing services.

      But i can tell you about the re sell value of the phone. Suppose, you want to sell your phone after some time then, Micromax Canvas will sell a lot faster than any of those phones. Canvas sells on its name alone. Personal experience.

      Gionee has no service center at the place where i live. So can’t comment on its services. Finally if the choice was mine, I would buy Canvas 2.2 out of all those phones. It is overall better.

  3. ok.. then u r suggesting me to buy Canvas 2.2 over both a526 and gionee??

    I am still confused between canvas 2.2 and lenovo a526

      1. the price difference is nearly 2000 rs.. not a big difference… but still i am thinking of getting lenovo.. but there r no videos of it yet.. can u do a benchmark and gaming review on it??

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