HTC Desire 626 (2016) Unboxing

HTC Desire 626

HTC Desire 626 is a phone that has fooled me twice. How? you may ask. Well, first in the form of HTC Desire 626G and then second time in the form of HTC Dsire 626G+. Both the times i thought that it is the same phone but with a slight name change but it wasn’t. But finally, i got the right one thanks to HTC because now a year later they have decided to finally launch it in India.

So after a wait of one year what do i get? Well the right chip-set for once. Mediatek 6752 and then since it is 2016 not 2015 anymore HTC has decided to update the RAM. Since even a 10,000 Rupees phone comes with at least 2GB RAM now a days. Apart from that it has exactly the same specs as before.

5 inch HD display, 13MP camera, 5MP front camera, 16GB memory(expandable), 2000mAh battery, dual SIM(Nano SIM). Now it’s 4G since the chip-set itself is 4G. And all your standard connectivity options like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and more. Android version is not updated it is still the same 4.4.4 KitKat. And it also does not support USB OTG. Both of the things you can verify in video below.

HTC has already reduced this phone’s price from 14,990 to 13,990 Rupees(Approx $200). That’s the suggested price now, which means you will get it for slightly lower than that in retail stores and online. All prices exclusive of ‘shopkeeper-is-my-friend discount’. Because then you can even get it for as low as 12,000 Rupees. Another way you can get it for around 12,900 Rupees is if you buy it from eBay and apply a 10% discount coupon.

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  1. There is no smartphone named HTC Desire 626G. You are talking about HTC Desire 620G. Please correct it everywhere. You didn’t unbox anything named as 626G.

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