HTC One E9s Review

HTC One E9s Review
HTC One E9s is a decent smartphone. It has got decent features. Decent build quality. Decent camera quality. That’s a lot of ‘decent’ don’t you think? Well, duh. It’s a mid range phone remember? You can’t expect greatness at that price, unless its some company’s flagship phone on fire-sale.

This time i am going to try a different approach. Instead of writing long paragraphs. I am going to break it in-to points.

Build Quality

Phone is very well built and is very sturdy. Material used for body is plastic.

When HTC One E9s launched a lot of websites reported that it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

It was on eBay’s seller description and on HTC own website too but now its removed and there’s no way to confirm it now.

It does have a notification LED.


The display of this is of 5.5 inches and it has HD resolution. It also has good viewing angles.

Now again, it’s not mentioned anywhere whether it’s an IPS or AMOLED or any other type of display.

But because of its good viewing angles one can safely assume that it’s not a TFT display.

It’s a very bright display and also very colour saturation videos look very good on it.

It’s DPI is 320.


It’s primary camera is of 13MP with BSI sensor and LED flash.

In good lighting condition it takes decent photos but misses a lot of details.

In low-light it takes garbage photos to be honest. Instead of the object in the image all you will notice is the blurriness and noise.

LED flash might help in that situation. It also takes out of focus and blurry images sometimes.

It does comes with HDR option and can also shoot full HD video the quality of which is not good.

It front camera is of 4MP and comes with HTC’s Ultrapixel technology.

Regardless of all that technology it takes very artificial and dark photos.


Its music quality is pretty good for a mid-range phone. Both in earphones and through the BoomSound speakers.

It also comes with two separate set of HTC BoomSound options. One for speakers and one set for earphones which you can see in the video below.

It comes HTC Sense music player but without any equalizer.

It supports up-to 1080p video playback.


This is one of very good things of this phone. It comes with Android 5.0.2 with full non-skimmed version of HTC Sense 7.0.

HTC Sense 7.0 is a very feature rich UI and very deeply integrated in Android 5.0.2, it looks good too and also supports native themes.

The OS/UI runs very fast and lag free most of the time.

It comes with 16GB internal storage out of which you’ll get around 9GB free and is expandable up-to 2TB via micro SD card.

It does support move to SD but it does not support USB OTG.

It comes with 2GB of RAM out of which you’ll get around 700MB – 800MB free.


Performance is also a very good part of this phone all thanks to its HD screen.

Because of that resolution it can play almost any game on the Google Play store at high settings.

Chip-set is Mediatek MT6752M which consists of 8 Cortex A53 processors clocked at 1.5GHz and Mali T760 GPU.

It’s price to performance to performance ratio is also good.


It’s a 4G phone with Dual SIM option(Nano SIM).

Its WiFi works pretty fast and doesn’t drop the connection that easily.

Other connectivity options are Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, AGPS, HTC Connect, HTC connect to the mini remote.


Its battery is of 2600mAh.

And like i showed in my review video below it loses around 20% of battery in approximately an hour.

But that is only when the phone’s brightness is at full and WiFi is on and you are using it continuously.

So you on moderate use you can expect it to lose that much battery around 1.5 or 2 hours in best case scenario.

That means you will get total multimedia usage time of around 6-7 hours on this phone and more than that if you use it just for calling and with power saver setting on.

Your choice

This phones fixed all the problems i had with HTC Desire 820 and 820s.

HTC Desire 820 didn’t have a powerful chip-set but did have full HTC Sense and BoomSound speakers.

HTC Desire 820s did have powerful chip-set but didn’t have full HTC Sense and BoomSound speakers.

You try to find the best balance between those two phones and you will get this phone.

It’s overall a very decent mid-range phone just don’t expect much from its camera and you’ll be okay with it.

For around Rs. 20,000(Approx $320) or anything below i can recommend it and i have a feeling that its price is going to come down very fast so you can wait for that too if you want.

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  1. Ever since I have purchased E9s, I have found it unputdownable. Whether it is the blinkfeed proving me quick info on a range of interesting subjects or using the creative scribble, E9s has everything to keep you busy. If nothing, I love trying the suggested apps, a new HTC feature. The Dolby sound is wonderful. The widgets of other phones are nowhere close to that of HTC. This phone is simply amazing and I could not be more satisfied.

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