Lava Iris 406Q Unboxed

lava_iris_406QLava Iris 406Q. I bet only a few would’ve heard about this phone. It’s a shame though. It’s a phone that everyone should know of. If you are thinking why? Don’t worry, i am here to tell you why. First let me tell you about it specs, it has got a 4 inch display, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of ROM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset which has a combination of Quadcore Cortex A7 processor and Adreno 302 GPU. 5 MP rear facing camera with LED flash, VGA front camera. These are some of the specs that people mostly care about when they buy a phone.

Now, let’s talk about the price. It is the first thing a buyer like you and me look at when they want to buy a phone. I don’t know about you for sure, but i do. This phone is only available in Indian market for just 6,999 Rupees. Which is a steal, if you ask me. I mean look at the specs and then look at the price. You can’t ask for more in that price. The only problem i think people are going to face while deciding whether they should buy this phone or not is the brand value, as Lava is not a well known name like Samsung, Sony or even Micromax in India. Most phones available in this price range right now either have very weak processor or only 512MB RAM. Take Nokia X, Samsung Galaxy Star series for example, they all have very pathetic hardware that let alone use i don’t even want to look at and yet they sell like garam samosa, know why? Brand value, man.

It all looks good on paper right now for Lava Iris 406Q but we will see how it performs in real life through my further reviews. Hope,that will help you decide between brand value or better performance. Till then enjoy the unboxing below and also some stills of the phone.

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