Lenovo Z50-70 (59429607)

Lenovo Z50-70Some of you might not know but i wrote a post sometime ago about not being able to find a decent laptop with full HD display even for Rupees 50,000. I was just searching or you can say doing ‘window shopping'(more like drooling over stuff i can’t buy) at that time though with really no intention of buying. But all thanks to my old laptop’s(HP Pavilion DV4-3145TX) right hinge which broke. Yes, literally in two pieces. I had to sell it.

I tried to get the hinge replaced/fixed but it wasn’t available any where. Thing is, even repairman told me that the particular HP laptop i bought is kind of unique and its spare parts aren’t that easily available. He didn’t have the spare hinge, he made some calls they didn’t have its hinge. Looked online, nothing there either. Hell, a repairmen even tried to weld both the broken pieces together but the welded bond just doesn’t hold and it kept breaking. I was left with no other choice but to sell it.

I didn’t want to sell it dammit! It was a very good laptop, it had ATI Radeon 6750M GPU with 1GB GDDR5 graphics memory(Who gives that in a laptop and that too at a reasonable price!) Core i5 clocked at 2.4GHz with turbo boost up-to 3.0GHz none of this ‘ULV’ nonsense either! All for Rs. 45,000 in 2011 was basically a steal. Maybe HP quickly realized that they have made an overpowered laptop for the price and have to stop the fire before it spreads. As a result they didn’t make many of this particular model. I searched just like today, that time too to find this gem of a laptop. And in the end i had to sell it.

So there i was without my laptop walking down nowhere, alone… (Sorry for this melodrama but without my laptop i was feeling like Willem Dafoe in his own movie in the actual movie ‘Mr Bean’s Holiday’). Until my mother snapped and told me quit whining and just buy a new laptop already. Such a cruel world i couldn’t even mourn on my loss… Anyway so here i was again trying to find the best value for money machine just like my old laptop. And that’s how i come across this Lenovo Z50-70. This specific model 59429607 fulfilled all of my requirements and was still somewhere under my budget. The retail price of this model is around 56,000 Rupees or around $900. I didn’t buy it on that price though, i bought it for around Rupees 49,500 under a deal from Snapdeal.com.

For that price, you are going to get 15 inch full HD display, Intel 4210U Core i5 ULV processor. Which i don’t like but it is something i can’t do anything about because all the laptops in this price range comes with ULV processor now a days. What made me really go for this laptop are three things. Full HD display, 8GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 840M dedicated GPU with 4GB GDDR3 dedicated video memory. All for under 50,000 Rupees. Honestly if it wasn’t for that deal i might have not bought it.

Lenovo Z50-70 CPU-GPU

It also comes with Windows 8.1 pre installed and a lot of bloatware. Really, a lot. Much more than what came with my old HP laptop. Anyway, the build quality of Lenovo Z50-70 seems quite solid though, much more than my old laptop. For example when i press on the plastic behind the display it doesn’t create ripples on the screen unless you press really hard while on my old laptop ripples occurred much more frequently whether you press on the front or on the back of the screen. HP really needs to do something about its build quality and heating problem. Only two things i didn’t like about my old laptop.

And all thanks to my new tablet the Notion Ink Cain 8 i don’t have to use my laptop that frequently. Before, even just to browse web i have to use my laptop but now i could just use my tablet for that and only use my laptop for heavy tasks like photo/video editing and playing games. All in all this Lenovo Z50-70 is running quite well for now and i am happy with it. So, for now my quest to find a decent laptop with pretty good specs and full HD display has ended.

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