Micromax Mad

micromax-madHave you seen any cricket match lately on TV in India? Did you notice that Micromax is currently running a campaign about one of it’s new phones. This phone is not released or even announced yet but Micromax is advertising it with a tagline which says “Mad about ads?”. So out of curiosity, i dig a little here and there on the internet, and i now finally know what this phone and tagline is about.

Micromax Canvas Mad or Micromax Mad(what i call it) from Micromax could be the first phone in the market with Quadcore processor(most likely Meditatek MTK6582) with a price tag below 8,000 Rupees. Sweet isn’t it? There’s more, Micromax said that this phone actually pay you in some way(not exactly have to be cash or money) for watching ads. Confused? Read on. This concept is nothing new, Google did it with their nexus 7 line of tablets, Amazon also do that with their Kindle fire line of tablets. You can opt out and disable the ads for a fee if you want.

Micromax on the other hand will pay YOU to watch the ads. For example, if your device is connected to the internet and you are about to unlock your phone or you are about to make a call Micromax mad will give you an ad and also an option to watch the ad or not, if you select not to watch the ad then simply you won’t earn anything but if you watch the ad then micromax will credit you in some way by giving a talk-time recharge or some other kind of digital coupon. Of course just watching one ad wouldn’t earn you anything, you’d have to watch a lot of ads for that. That’s how business works. Micromax will go bankrupt if they start giving free recharge coupons just for watching one ad. So, don’t think it would be easy to actually earn something out of this.

Micromax knows that the model of paying a fee upfront just to get rid of ads won’t work here, that’s why they are trying exactly the opposite. They are giving us the money or i would rather call it rewards. Micromax has not announced anything yet, no info on release date and price and also what would be the rewards? and how much we actually earn for watching each ad. It won’t take long i think, India vs New Zealand series is just around the corner may be they will formally announce it then.

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