Samsung Galaxy J7 Launch Delayed Due To Production Issues (Update)

Galaxy J7 delayIn case you were wondering where did Samsung Galaxy J7 vanish to? Well, look above there’s your answer. Good news is anyone who has pre-ordered it will get 1,000 Rupees off from the total amount as a goodwill gesture from Flipkart. Bad news is Flipkart has no idea when it will be released now.

Samsung Galaxy J7 was supposed to start selling in the first week of August, this year in India on Flipkart. But it didn’t. And now you know why.

Update : Progress so far.
Galaxy J7 delay update

Final update : As of 22nd of August, 2015 the phone is available to order on Flipkart and shipping of previous orders has been started.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy J7 Launch Delayed Due To Production Issues (Update)”

  1. Flipkart sucks.
    They are the biggest lairs present for online shopping.
    They do not refund money 1000 Rs.
    They force to buy something of 1000 Rs. and that too from there most pathetic seller WS Retail.
    Flipkart has been earning interest on people’s money since last 1 month.
    This 1000 Rs. WS Retail wallet fakeness is nothing.

  2. Samsung has stated that the phones are kept away from the market due to some manufacturing problems, which implies that these handsets are faulty from the initiation. I beleive j7 series won’t be released and Flipkart probably will cancel all the orders.

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