What is sideloading?

If you have any of the Nokia’s X series phone. You might have already heard about the word ‘sideloading’, but if you have not heard about it. Don’t worry i am here to tell you. First of all, sideloading is not even a word. Second of all sideloading is nothing. Yes it really is nothing. To explain more, i would have to take in the past. When Symbian phones were a thing.

Yes, even if you didn’t notice, but you are doing this ‘sideloading’ since then. The difference is that it wasn’t called sideloading then. In fact it was called nothing. Remember surfing/searching/browsing through the whole directory of sites just to get a game for your Symbian phone? It’s exactly that.

There were no app stores then. At least not official ones. That’s why people had to find and install the apps they wanted themselves. But nobody called it sideloading. Same thing goes foe Nokia XL or any other X series phone. Since it doesn’t have play store. You’d have find and install apps yourself. The choice is up-to you though whether to call it sideloading or not.

Apps are scattered everywhere on the internet. Especially android apps. You can find them individually from one site or another. Or you can install or ‘sideload’ them from a third party app store. Below is a list of android app stores i made to help you find apps that are may not available in Nokia store that comes with Nokia X series phones. Some of them you have to download and install on your phone. Others you can browse like a website.

1. Mobogenie

2. AppCrawlr

3. Amazon

4. SlideMe

5. 1mobile

6. AppsApk

7. AppBrain

8. Getjar

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