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Hello people, My name is Jay Soni and i am a technology and budget freak. I love everything related to computers and mobile phones especially smartphones and also my favourite hobby is gaming. I started Aetomatic.com to help consumers like you and me whom wants to buy a great device but are a little confused on what to buy. I will tell you which device is best in which budget and which device shows better value for money through my reviews. Sometimes i make ‘how-to’ content too. I unbox and review only those devices in which i see any kind of value and/or uniqueness. I don’t unbox and review all the devices that gets launched in the market. If you have any queries or feeling confused on what to buy, you can contact me directly through the comment section or by using reach me page. I will always try to find and write about the content that is worth your time. Content that matters the most to people like you and me. I am not a journalist. I am just here to help you so think of me as a friend.

Privacy Policy

Aetomatic.com does not collect any data from our visitors especially private data. But our comments system does require you to fill in your name, email address etc in order to comment. We do not share any of our visitors information with any third party. You can not use our site’s content without our permission on any other third party site, we will not be responsible for any misguided use or republishing our site’s content without our consent. Please give our site’s name as a source if you are giving our site’s content as a tip on other site. This site has “Google Analytics” connected to it, which might collect some of the user data to make their services better. It also uses ‘Google Adsense’ to serve ads which may collect some user data. If you want to use any of our site’s photos/videos/posts or any other content that you like on your blog/website or anywhere else, feel free to do so, just give us a little credit by putting ‘Credit : Aetomatic.com’ beside it.


Aetomatic.com and/or any of our content writer/editor/publisher will not be responsible if you damage your device and/or render it unusable or ‘bricked’ using our ‘How-to’s’ and other tutorials. We can not and/or will not guarantee that the information posted on our site is 100% correct, as sometimes device configuration or specs changes from time to time. We will not be responsible if you some-how injure yourself while using our tutorials and tips. If you find our website’s content on some other third party website in a very poorly published manner and any harm occurs to you and/or your device because of that incorrect information, we will not be responsible for any of that.

Note: Information on this page can change without any prior notice at anytime

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