Sony Xperia C4 Review – The Explosive Selfie Phone

Sony Xperia C4 Review
By explosive i mean powerful. So don’t think it’s actually going to explode or anything. Although it’s not far behind from Sony Xperia M4 Aqua in terms of ‘getting hot’. So who knows maybe it’ll… actually… explo… Just joking.


Well, design wise Sony Xperia C4 looks like the big brother of Sony Xperia E4G. Same asymmetrical front design and same matte finish back at the back. Its back is non-removable though. It might not look that premium but its pretty solidly built and due to its soft round edges it’s a very comfortable phone to hold despite of that big big 5.5 inch display. It also has a notification LED and dedicated camera button.


Sony Xperia C4 comes with 5.5 inch IPS LCD display of full HD resolution. And just like any other IPS display its got very good viewing angles and colour reproduction. The display is very bright too, definitely brighter than Xperia M4 Aqua. It also comes with ‘Mobile Bravia Engine’ and ‘Super Vivid Image’ in display settings to enhance the image quality even more.


Just like Sony Xperia C3, Sony Xperia C4 also comes with 5MP front camera with LED flash. Like Xperia C3, this is not the only USP of Xperia C4 though. The back camera got a bump from 8MP to 13MP. And its better in image quality too. You can see the quality in photos yourself.

All i am going to tell you is, both of the cameras of this phone do their work quite nicely. The front camera picks up more light than your usual 5MP front camera to make your face shine bright even in low light conditions and then there’s that front flash if you need even more light ‘on yo face’.

The back camera is what really surprised me though, it takes very good photo with extremely good details and picks up a lot of light too. Even in bad lighting conditions it holds up very good and tries to keep the details of the image intact while keeping the noise level as low as possible. You can keep zooming in the photo taken from it and it will hardly get blurry or distorted. Except only if you zoom in all the way up-to the pixels.

You can shoot videos in full HD resolution from both front and back camera. You can also take photos while shooting videos. Keep in mind that it saves photos in MBs and videos in MP4 format so you might wanna use a memory card for photos and videos. If you use internal storage, it will fill up very quickly.


Sony Xperia C4’s music quality in earphones is very good and it comes with Sony’s own music settings for optimal music experience. It’s external speaker has a little problem though. It works perfectly, it sounds good too the problem is, it doesn’t have that tiny little plastic bump around it and because of that when you lay the phone flat on its back on any flat surface, you won’t be able to hear the ringtone loudly and you might end up missing the calls.

Happened to me a couple of times. My ringtone was at maximum level and yet i didn’t hear the phone ringing. The sound gets blocked or muzzled because of no space between the phone’s surface and any flat surface. That’s why it becomes very hard to hear. And that’s what that tiny little bump is for. To create that space to let the sound bounce back from the surface and not get absorbed or blocked. Anyway, 4K video playback is a no go, even in MX player, full HD video playback is fully supported though. Obviously.


OS, Sony Xperia C4 comes packing is Android. Version is 5.0 Lollipop. It’s has got some new features like guest account option and a small call notification at the top instead of full page call notification when you are doing something on the phone. So that’s a very welcome feature.

OS/UI remains pretty smooth unless its RAM gets filled then it starts to act weird. For instance it becomes unresponsive or partially responsive until you restart the phone. On paper it comes with 2GB of RAM, in reality it comes with total of around 1600 MB RAM out of which you’ll get around only 600 MB free, which seems like not sufficient for Android Lolliop the phone behaves sometimes clearly demonstrate that.

It comes with 16 GB of internal storage out of which you’ll get around 10 GB free, it is expandable up-to 128GB via micro SD card. It does come with Move to SD option but its useless since you can’t actually install or move anything worthwhile to the micro SD card. Default write disk option is gone just like in Sony Xperia M4 Aqua. Sony Xperia C4 does support USB OTG.


I always prefer Mediatek 6752 over Snapdragon 615 when it comes to performance. But power comes with a price. Literally. Anyway, Mediatek 6752 chip-set consists of octa-core Cortex A53 processor clocked at 1.7GHz and Mali T760MP2 GPU. So performance wise you won’t have much problem playing most of the graphic intensive games on this phone. And since it doesn’t have any power saving cores it affects battery life too.

My problem is not really a problem with the phone or chip-set, my problem is with the Sony for pricing it absurdly high. If Sony has priced this phone reasonably then this phone would have been a very good value for money and its price to performance ratio would have been good too but now that Sony has priced it almost 30,000 Rupees, it’s nowhere even close to value for money. And price to performance ratio became only performance ratio ’cause price went out of the park.

Last year i called Sony Xperia C3, beauty without brain ’cause it came with a pathetically weak Snapdragon 400 for the price. But that’s not the case with Xperia C4 it comes with beast of a mid range chip-set. So they fixed something but ruined the other thing… the price.

Since its all that powerful, it also gets pretty hot while playing games just like Snapdragon 615 but unlike Snapdragon 615, Mediatek 6752 does not get that hot while using the phone normally. Like browsing web and using other apps it only gets noticeably hot while gaming.


It supports 4G and dual SIMs(Nano SIM). Its ear piece and mic is loud and clear and its WiFi is also very fast and does not loose connectivity that easily. It comes with your usual set of connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi direct, A-GPS, GLONASS, DLNA and lots more Sony’s own connectivity option.


Sony is promising around 13 hours of talk-time on this phone on 2G network. And that’s really about all you will get out of its 2600 mAh battery. Don’t expect ‘2 day’ battery out of this phone. You’d be lucky if it lasts you a day on continuous use. On gaming don’t expect more than 5-6 hours. To give you an example, i used the phone for like 2 hours with WiFi on and the battery dropped from 89% to around 40%.

If you really need this phone to last around 12 hours or a whole day i would suggest you to use it with stamina mode on. Sure, the performance will take a hit. But it will be worth it if the battery life is more important to you.


Lets count this phone’s positive points, great camera performance, excellent gaming performance, full HD display. Lets count its somewhat negative points now, mediocre battery life, high MRP. My verdict is pretty straight forward, unless you can find a seller whom is selling this phone with manufacturer warranty for or under 25,000 Rupees(Approx $400). Don’t buy it. Wait till its price officially drops. It’s a very good phone but not 30,000 Rupees good.

18 thoughts on “Sony Xperia C4 Review – The Explosive Selfie Phone”

  1. Nice review ! Hope Sony read this and do something about their pricing which I think is one of the chief reason why Sony mobile is struggling.

  2. current cost of sony xperia c4 is 24k . I do not keep my phone 24X 7 on 2G or 3G . I am also considering sony xperia Z2 but it have heating issues. I phone usage is not very high . So what will u suggest me?
    Thanks you in advance

  3. Pls read this.Hi Jay my name is amin and i am from iran i have a A5 but i like c4 or m4 aqua i saw ur video about m4 aqua vs c4 and i understand that c4 is better but i want to know A5 is better or c4 but there is no video for testing them so i want to if u can do it for me pls i realy want to know which one is better and sell my A5 to buy c4.playing open worlds games and data games with high graffic is important for me with social netwoking so because of this i want to know which one is better A5 or c4 so pls do it for me i realy need a video for complairing A5 and c4.pls read this. There is something else .when i bought A5 ir was amazing and i has it for one week but i couldn’t install data games like Gta Sa if A5 can support high geraffic and datq games or open worlds game or be like c4 i can keep it and don’t sell it to buy c4 but i want a video and i want to know that can u do male a video for me or no? But i will be so thanksfull if u could do this for me and make a video od testing A5 vs c4 and putmon ur site thanks bye i will repeat again this.

    1. I don’t buy overpriced under-powered junk. So i am never going to buy Galaxy A5. So forget the video. Besides this comparison don’t even need a video.

      Now, talking about overpriced, Xperia C4 is overpriced too but it’s not under-powered. And its price varies a lot from store to store, so just buy it wherever you can find it the cheapest.

      And between Galaxy A5 and Xperia C4 in gaming performance there is no competition. Xperia C4 is much more powerful and hence much better in gaming performance.

      If there’s one department in which Galaxy A5 could beat Xperia C4 it’s the ‘look and feel’ department, but then again that’s the whole point of the ‘A’ series from Samsung, not the performance.

      1. Oh good.other peoples say that mediatek cheapset is not good and it will be so slow after 2 or 3 months but i don’t know that snapdragon os better or mediatek but with ur help i can get c4 now and i have to sell my A5 first.thanks 4 ur help.there ks something else i want to that is there any diffrent bitween m
        4 aqua and c4?

      2. I want to know what other mobile phones can complair with c4 and more like it with that price and i want to know is there any phone with the same price with c4 but more power full?

  4. Hi jay it is me again.I want to ask u a question. How many phones do u have??what is ur first phone and ur second and middle?sry I ask.I just want to know what is ur best with price like xperia c4.bye

  5. I think u don’t want to answer me and i don’t know why?!

    But i want to say something.i choosed some good phones like c4.honor 6.and honor 7 but i don’t k ow how much is that…

    This are special items. Butnif u have other items tell me with xperia c4 or honor 6 price thanks.

      1. Why?
        what is ur first and second phone?
        how many phones do u have and bought and sold?
        is there any phone better than Xperia C4?with same price?


          1. 🙁 and u don’t want to help me 🙁 i just asked some simple questions and if u do ‘t want to answer i will go there is ni problem. Tnx

          2. If you want me to answer, ask the right questions. Questions like “compare all the devices in the world and find me the best
            one or find me the best phone” irks me.

            And also questions like “what was my first phone and second phone or how many phones i have bought and sold” shouldn’t matter, because i don’t matter. It’s you, whom matters, you are the one who is going to spend your money in the end. So, just stay on the point.

            Look for closure not for escalating your confusion even further, that way you will never be able to decide what to buy. And like i said, just ask the right questions and i will gladly help you.

          3. is there any phone better than Xperia C4?with same price?
            Look Xperia C4 have 2GB Ram but honor 6 have 3GB it is better and faster but i didn’t test it.i think u should buy one of them and test and compair it with Xperia C4 it will be so good video if u want.

            What other phone do u prefer with Xperia C4 Information And same
            i choosed his there any phone better than Xperia C4?with same price?
            Look Xperia C4 have 2GB Ram but honor 6 have 3GB it is better and faster but i didn’t test it.i think u should buy one of them and test and compair it with Xperia C4 it will be so good video if u want.

            What other phone do u prefer with Xperia C4 Information And same price?
            I choosed htc 820s too to my phone list too

            Do u want to answer to this questions?

          4. If the front camera flash and overall camera quality isn’t necessary for you then you can buy either of the two phones because specs and performance wise they look pretty much the same.

            HTC Desire 820S is very good phone for gaming but its camera quality is not that good.

  6. I want to buy a phone but I am too much confused about which phone should I buy. Xperia C4 of HTC Desire 826? Please give me a suggestion.

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