HTC Desire 516 or Blackberry Z3

One more choice, you can buy both. But the price at which they are available at. I don’t think the companies are aiming for people whom can buy both. Anyway, The major difference between both these phones is of the OS. HTC Desire 516 runs on Android while Blackberry Z3 runs on god-knows-what. Oh yes, after a quick Google search now i know. It runs on something called Blackberry OS. And that is the main problem with Blackberry now a days. It is becoming obsolete. Continue reading “HTC Desire 516 or Blackberry Z3”

How to play Android games on PC for free

bluestacksIf you have a PC/Laptop and want to play Android games on it for free and that too legally then download this software called “bluestacks”. It’s currently available to download for free(Link is below). It currently supports windows 8/7/vista/xp, Mac OS, it’s in beta phase right now but it works without any problems. Its actually an OS inside OS meaning that you are running Android on top of Windows as in emulation inside a player, the apps are not running natively on the windows which means they will not run properly on PC with weak specs. So to emulate properly you will need a powerful PC/laptop at least something with a dedicated GPU. Although you can still try with any PC/Laptop that you have. Continue reading “How to play Android games on PC for free”

Sony Xperia C Review

xperia c reviewSony Xperia C is not one of those 5 inch screen phone which you can buy for around 12,000 Rupees. It’s different, what’s different you ask? Well, first of all its a Sony phone and anything which is Sony does not come cheap, Xperia M is an exception. You are paying 20,000 Rupees for Sony’s name here. The processor inside this phone, you can find it in any Quad-core sub 10,000 rupees phone, and not only that for as much as 8,000 Rupees less you can get HD 720p display, So then why is Sony asking for 20,000 Rupees for this phone? That’s what i am going to tell you about in this review, I am going to break down different aspects of a phone like hardware, software, camera and much more in small chunks of words so that you can digest it easily without scratching your head. Continue reading “Sony Xperia C Review”

Sony Xperia C Benchmarks & Gaming

xperia c benchmarkThe benchmark performance of Sony Xperia C was too predictable because of its chipset. The Mediatek MTK 6589 chipset gives a very consistent performance in benchmarks, like always. The performance of Sony Xperia C was a little higher than Canvas 4 and other 5 inch screen phones with HD screens though, because of its qHD display. Only benchmark that didn’t run well or perform well was 3DMark which is a benchmark mainly for gaming and it ran on HD resolution. Rest of the benchmarks run well because then ran on Xperia C’s native qHD resolution. Although there are other things that effects benchmark performance too like speed of Micro SD card or how full your memory is. So all of it doesn’t depends on CPU and GPU alone. Continue reading “Sony Xperia C Benchmarks & Gaming”

Meet Samsung Galaxy Round

samsung galaxy round
Samsung Galaxy Round is just another android smartphone but with a curved display, Samsung is calling the display ‘Super Flexible AMOLED, keyword here is curved. It is nothing like what everyone was expecting it to be, flexible/bendable, you can not bend it like those fancy flexible screens Samsung has been showing around for quite a while. It has LTE A and rest of the specs are almost same as Galaxy Note 3 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, it runs on Android 4.3 and has some unique features for curved display like ‘Gravity effects’ with which you can interact with phone’s UI by tilting the phone on either of the side the example of which is available below. Continue reading “Meet Samsung Galaxy Round”