Micromax just remembered something

Micromax has just remembered that it forgot to advertise, its best smartphone till date. And also forgot to made it available at a store near you. The phone i am talking about here is Micromax Canvas Knight or Micromax Canvas A350. The phone which has become almost impossible to find in the market. Continue reading “Micromax just remembered something”

Micromax Canvas Knight Review

Canvas_knight_reviewThe main USP of Micromax Canvas Knight is it’s octa core processor and its price point. It’s like Micromax has shoved everything it could into one phone and thought it will become a best seller. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, what’s wrong is the execution of idea. The idea of putting powerful internals in a phone was a very good idea but they forgot one crucial thing. They forgot to optimize the phone around that hardware by optimization i am talking about software portion of the phone here. I don’t think even Android itself is capable of taking full advantage of an octa core processor. But right now it is becoming thinking among the consumers that more is better. Well, sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. In this case it’s not. Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Knight Review”