What is sideloading?

If you have any of the Nokia’s X series phone. You might have already heard about the word ‘sideloading’, but if you have not heard about it. Don’t worry i am here to tell you. First of all, sideloading is not even a word. Second of all sideloading is nothing. Yes it really is nothing. To explain more, i would have to take in the past. When Symbian phones were a thing. Continue reading “What is sideloading?”

Best music sites/apps to listen mp3 songs for free

MusicNow a days mostly everyone listens to music digitally as in through smartphones, mp3 players, laptops, online. Now if you have a laptop and/or smartphone and want to listen to songs from latest movies, albums for free then all you have to do is go to the following sites and/or download the apps on your smartphones. Some of these sites have song selection from international to regional artists/labels and in various languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil etc. Continue reading “Best music sites/apps to listen mp3 songs for free”

Best free Antivirus to remove Virus from Pen Drives

Avira AntivirusHonestly speaking, no Computer is safe today from viruses, trojan, malware, adware ghost programs like key logger and various other type of threats for your computer. If your PC is connected to the internet 24/7 you are very likely to get viruses sooner or later. The problem is when you download something from the internet and especially something free and that too from unofficial or suspicious sources(I know you do), sometimes you don’t stop even if your browser or Antivirus warns you cause’ either you need that file to get the work done or you are just greedy whatever the case is the moment you execute the file it will start infecting your pc. Sometimes you don’t even know that the file is infected. Continue reading “Best free Antivirus to remove Virus from Pen Drives”