HTC Desire 516 or Blackberry Z3

One more choice, you can buy both. But the price at which they are available at. I don’t think the companies are aiming for people whom can buy both. Anyway, The major difference between both these phones is of the OS. HTC Desire 516 runs on Android while Blackberry Z3 runs on god-knows-what. Oh yes, after a quick Google search now i know. It runs on something called Blackberry OS. And that is the main problem with Blackberry now a days. It is becoming obsolete. Continue reading “HTC Desire 516 or Blackberry Z3”

Nokia X2 the sequel of Nokia X is out

Nokia x2
Yes, you read that right. Nokia X2 and Nokia X were playing cricket and Nokia X2 got out. Nokia X bowled it. Anyway, the most important thing here is the price of this phone and it wouldn’t take a genius to tell you that this phone is going to cost you something around 8,000 – 10,000 Rupees in India. The official price is 99 Euros, add tax and you will get exactly the same price i told you. Nokia X2 is Nokia X in Nokia Asha 503’s body and with Nokia XL’s Camera oh and 1GB RAM. And it has the same dual core processor as Moto E. Continue reading “Nokia X2 the sequel of Nokia X is out”

Moto E Review – Worth the price but don’t expect much

Like i said, don’t expect too much. Moto E is one of those phones in which you get what you pay for. Nothing more, nothing less. Although Moto E does gives you something more in terms of build quality, it has a Corning Gorilla Glass
protection over its LCD. A feature you won’t find in many smartphones under this price range. It also has qHD display, something you don’t get under 7,000 Rupees. Most of the phones have WVGA display in that price range. Continue reading “Moto E Review – Worth the price but don’t expect much”

Moto E Launched In India (Updated)

Moto E the latest offering from Motorola has been launched in India. For a price of Rs. 6,999. That’s just 1 rupee less than 7,000. It is going to be available exclusively from Flipkart starting from midnight of 13th may, 2014. In terms of specs, looking at that price point, i won’t hold my breath. This phone has already been beaten by a couple of phones in terms of price and performance both. Lava Iris 406Q and Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus. Continue reading “Moto E Launched In India (Updated)”