HTC Desire 516 Unboxing

HTC Desire 516 has very minimal specs. Very minimal. Specs you could find in most of the android phones below 10,000 Rupees(Approx $170). But it is still going to sell very well, you know why? Three things. The name HTC, it’s price, and 5 inch screen. If you think i am just blabbering nonsense and my theory has no base. I am just going say, look at the success of Nokia XL, you know what’s the reason of its success? It’s 5 inch screen, the price and ofcourse Nokia’s name. Continue reading “HTC Desire 516 Unboxing”

HTC Desire 516 or Blackberry Z3

One more choice, you can buy both. But the price at which they are available at. I don’t think the companies are aiming for people whom can buy both. Anyway, The major difference between both these phones is of the OS. HTC Desire 516 runs on Android while Blackberry Z3 runs on god-knows-what. Oh yes, after a quick Google search now i know. It runs on something called Blackberry OS. And that is the main problem with Blackberry now a days. It is becoming obsolete. Continue reading “HTC Desire 516 or Blackberry Z3”