iPhone 5c Unboxing

iPhone 5cFirst of before you watch the video, this is not the kind of unboxing you’d usually expect, it is kind of different, but it is an unboxing anyways. Now for iPhone 5c’ after unboxing impressions, it is a very small, sleek device and it is slippery as hell. After using so many android big foots of phones this phone feels like a toy in hand but that’s just its outside, from the inside this phone is not is not so small from those ‘big foots’, I’m talking performance wise, and its price isn’t so small either. Continue reading “iPhone 5c Unboxing”

Buy iPhone 5c for 36,000 Rupees

iphone 5c
Well… well… well… what do we have here a recently launched iPhone for such a reasonable price, well not exactly reasonable but looking at Apple’s official prices this price looks quite suspicious. Continue reading “Buy iPhone 5c for 36,000 Rupees”