Micromax Mad Review

Micromax Mad ReviewMicromax Mad is available in Indian market for a price of around 8,500 Rupees. For that price you will get a Broadcomm chipset with Quadcore CPU and Videocore IV HW GPU. You will get two 5 megapixel camera, yes not one but two. The only difference is front one doesn’t have a LED flash. You will get a 4.5 inch IPS display with decent viewing angles. It is a dual sim phone. The question is, what does this phone has that makes it different from other phones? Well, it has an app called “Mad App”, Mad here stands for ‘Mad about ads’. I wouldn’t call you ‘MAD’ but if you have no problem watching 1 or 2 ads every time before you make a call Continue reading “Micromax Mad Review”

Micromax Mad

micromax-madHave you seen any cricket match lately on TV in India? Did you notice that Micromax is currently running a campaign about one of it’s new phones. This phone is not released or even announced yet but Micromax is advertising it with a tagline which says “Mad about ads?”. So out of curiosity, i dig a little here and there on the internet, and i now finally know what this phone and tagline is about. Continue reading “Micromax Mad”