Micromax Unite 2 Benchmark & Gaming Performance

Micromax unite 2 benchmark
If you see the photo above, you’ll notice that Antutu think the smartphone in the picture is an expensive high end smartphone. I don’t know why is that? But one thing i can tell you that despite of being very inexpensive, this phone performs pretty good in the benchmarks. It even beat HTC One X in Antutu. What else do you want from a 7,000 Rupees phone. The Antutu benchmark that i ran on this phone wasn’t the normal version. It was the ‘X’ version of it and still managed to score pretty respectively. Continue reading “Micromax Unite 2 Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

Micromax Unite 2 Unboxing

Micromax unite 2
Micromax Unite 2 seems like a pretty normal phone. When you look at it for the first time but it’s not that normal. Its secrets resides in what is inside the phone. Even i was thinking like that when i was unboxing the phone. But when i used it. It became clear what software optimization and a decent CPU/GPU combination can do to a 7,000 Rupees phones. I am surprised and you will be surprised too when you will see its gaming performance. Continue reading “Micromax Unite 2 Unboxing”

Micromax Canvas Knight Review

Canvas_knight_reviewThe main USP of Micromax Canvas Knight is it’s octa core processor and its price point. It’s like Micromax has shoved everything it could into one phone and thought it will become a best seller. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, what’s wrong is the execution of idea. The idea of putting powerful internals in a phone was a very good idea but they forgot one crucial thing. They forgot to optimize the phone around that hardware by optimization i am talking about software portion of the phone here. I don’t think even Android itself is capable of taking full advantage of an octa core processor. But right now it is becoming thinking among the consumers that more is better. Well, sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. In this case it’s not. Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Knight Review”

Micromax Canvas Knight Benchmark and Gaming performance

canvas_knight_benchmarkMicromax Canvas Knight performed really well in benchmarks. To tell you exactly how well, let me tell you that it even beat Samsung Galaxy S4 in Antutu, don’t believe me? See for yourself in the screenshots below. Maybe Antutu is optimized for this chipset. The rest of the benchmarks were just average. Although these benchmarks don’t mean much yet because none of them is programmed to utilize each of the 8 cores available inside the Micromax Canvas Knight. I don’t think any of the benchmarks are fully designed yet to use the new Mali 450GPU either. In 3DMark which is mainly a gaming or GPU benchmark. When i ran general “ice storm” test it maintained frame rates around 28 fps constantly Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Knight Benchmark and Gaming performance”

Micromax Canvas Knight Unboxing

canvas_knight_1Micromax Canvas Knight is the first octa core phone from Micromax. Honestly i bought this phone just to satisfy that itch of using an octa core phone. After all they are all the rage these days. It runs on Mediatek MTK 6592 processor clocked at 2 Ghz(Maximum) and Mali 450MP GPU, unlike previous Mediateks chipsets that had Power VR SGX GPUs which was a better choice in my opinion. But, anyway who cares about my opinion. The chipset seems quite powerful theoretically but only the real world tests will tell us about its potential. Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Knight Unboxing”

Micromax Mad App: how it pays you

micromax mad 3Micromax MAD app that comes with Micromax MAD phone currently is an app which gives you point for using the AD feature of Micromax. Confused? Well don’t worry i am here to tell you exactly how it works and how can you use to points to get recharge. Currently it only gives Talktime recharge in turn for points. If it will give something else in return like website coupons or not we will see that in future but right now for collecting points you can only get a recharge. Continue reading “Micromax Mad App: how it pays you”

Micromax Mad Unboxed

micromax mad unboxingMicromax A94 or simply Micromax Mad is a phone that is nothing different from various smartphones that are available in the market right now. It is a dual sim budget phone and is available for around 8,500 Rupees in Indian market. It’s got a 1.2 Ghz quadcore broadcom processor with videocore GPU, i.e, the same processor inside Samsung Galaxy Grand the original one. The difference is because it is a budget phone Micromax has deliberately forgotten to put 1GB RAM in it. As a result it only has 512MB RAM. Continue reading “Micromax Mad Unboxed”