Hey Motorola? What about services?

Now in this age of technology where a company(Motorola Mobility) is being tossed around like tennis ball from one giant company(Google) to another(Lenovo). A question that always comes to my mind is what about services? Especially when i think about companies that sells electronic devices like smartphones. Continue reading “Hey Motorola? What about services?”

How Moto X Could succeed in India?

Moto_xYou might’ve already heard that Moto X is coming to India via Flipkart. Now, there’s no doubt that Moto G was a huge success in India. The reason of that was its price point, around 12,000 Rs that phone shows great value for money and that’s what Indian consumers look for, always. Coming back to Moto X, it could be a little tricky for Flipkart to repeat the same feat it achieved with Moto G, because of Moto X’ price. The reason is, Moto X is still available in USA for around $400 that roughly translates to 24,000 Rs. That means it’s going to be available for around 25,000 Rs in India. Which is not a good price looking at the specs of the phone. Around 25,000 Rs there are more powerful phones like Xperia Zl, Xperia ZR, Nexus 4 and even a Snapdragon 800 phone like Gionee E7 available in the market. Continue reading “How Moto X Could succeed in India?”