Nokia X2 the sequel of Nokia X is out

Nokia x2
Yes, you read that right. Nokia X2 and Nokia X were playing cricket and Nokia X2 got out. Nokia X bowled it. Anyway, the most important thing here is the price of this phone and it wouldn’t take a genius to tell you that this phone is going to cost you something around 8,000 – 10,000 Rupees in India. The official price is 99 Euros, add tax and you will get exactly the same price i told you. Nokia X2 is Nokia X in Nokia Asha 503’s body and with Nokia XL’s Camera oh and 1GB RAM. And it has the same dual core processor as Moto E. Continue reading “Nokia X2 the sequel of Nokia X is out”

Nokia XL Review

Nokia XL is not worthy of Nokia’s name and the price it is available at. People that only want a phone just to take photos of themselves and other things might like this phone. But, people that want performance out of this phone might not like it. I am the kind of guy that likes performance. And i don’t like it. It can not perform a single task without stuttering. It has more RAM than its little brother Nokia X. But it doesn’t matter ’cause it still performs horribly. Continue reading “Nokia XL Review”