Nokia X2 Unboxing

Nokia X2 Dual Sim FeaturedNokia X2 is a phone that has no future. Its parent company after giving it birth, couldn’t support it. So it(infact the whole company) got adopted by other big rich company. But they abandoned it too. Poor Nokia X2… it has such a tragic story. Ever read about a smartphone from such an emotional point of view? I bet you haven’t! You can find such occurance here on Aetomatic only. Continue reading “Nokia X2 Unboxing”

Nokia X2 Vs Nokia Lumia 530 Vs Moto E

Nokia X2 vs Lumia 530 vs Moto EThis is a battle between budget phones. Lumia 530 looks like the odd one out between the three because of its OS, but hardware wise it is not. It is also running on the same chip-set as Moto E and Nokia X2. If you look at the model number of Lumia 530 you’ll notice that it is the successor of the most popular Windows Phone in the world. The Nokia Lumia 520. But for some reason it doesn’t seem like much of a successor of 520 though. It looks more or less the same. Continue reading “Nokia X2 Vs Nokia Lumia 530 Vs Moto E”

Nokia X2 listed online (Update – Launched)

Nokia-X2There have been speculations about whether the Nokia X2 will launch after Microsoft axed the whole Nokia X division and even the Asha line. The answer is yes. It is not necessary that it will be available in the official Nokia’s priority stores. But it will be available in your local shops and various e-commerce websites. Although, the price isn’t mentioned on any website in India but it is currently listen on Continue reading “Nokia X2 listed online (Update – Launched)”

Nokia X2 the sequel of Nokia X is out

Nokia x2
Yes, you read that right. Nokia X2 and Nokia X were playing cricket and Nokia X2 got out. Nokia X bowled it. Anyway, the most important thing here is the price of this phone and it wouldn’t take a genius to tell you that this phone is going to cost you something around 8,000 – 10,000 Rupees in India. The official price is 99 Euros, add tax and you will get exactly the same price i told you. Nokia X2 is Nokia X in Nokia Asha 503’s body and with Nokia XL’s Camera oh and 1GB RAM. And it has the same dual core processor as Moto E. Continue reading “Nokia X2 the sequel of Nokia X is out”