How To Root Nokia XL

Nokia XL has a lot of limitations like it’s weak chip-set, it is Android but without Google apps and things like that. Although you can remove some of these limitations by rooting it. But keep in mind that it won’t increase its performance in the long run. Because the hardware of this phone can only perform so much. I am going to tell you how you can root your Nokia XL the easy way. By rooting it you can install custom ROMs on it and what not. Continue reading “How To Root Nokia XL”

Nokia XL Review

Nokia XL is not worthy of Nokia’s name and the price it is available at. People that only want a phone just to take photos of themselves and other things might like this phone. But, people that want performance out of this phone might not like it. I am the kind of guy that likes performance. And i don’t like it. It can not perform a single task without stuttering. It has more RAM than its little brother Nokia X. But it doesn’t matter ’cause it still performs horribly. Continue reading “Nokia XL Review”

Nokia XL is now available online for Rs. 11,000

Nokia xl
Nokia XL the big brother of Nokia X and Nokia X+ is now available to buy on Themobilestore also on Snapdeal for around Rs. 11,000. The only difference between this and rest of the X series phones are the screen size, RAM size and Camera. Although X+ also has the same amount of RAM as XL. It has got 5 inches TFT LCD dispay with WVGA resolution, 768MB RAM. It run on AOSP(Android Open Source Project), which is nothing but Android without Google services or apps. Continue reading “Nokia XL is now available online for Rs. 11,000”