Xiaomi Mi3 – Only for the chosen ones

Xiaomi Mi3Xiaomi Mi3 is a very nice phone. But the way Xiaomi is marketing it right now in India is not nice. This ‘hype’ business isn’t gonna last long. To get a Mi3 in India right now, you have two options. First you can buy it from Ebay, second you can buy it from Flipkart. But to buy it from flipkart you have to register first and even then if you are not a ‘Flipkart First’ subscriber. There’s every chance you are not going to get the device even after registration. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi3 – Only for the chosen ones”

Xiaomi Mi3 Review – More than you could ask for (Updated)

Xiaomi Mi3 ReviewXiaomi Mi3 comes with Snapdragon 800 chipset, 2GB RAM, 5 inches full HD display, 13MP camera with full HD recording, 3050 mAh battery. If you are wondering why i am telling you all this? then get this. Even with all those top of the line specs Xiaomi Mi3 does not cost 30,000 or 40,000 Rupees. You all know that it costs only 14,000 Rupees. And that is the reason why i wrote “more than you could ask for”. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi3 Review – More than you could ask for (Updated)”

Xiaomi Mi3 Benchmark & Gaming Performance

Xiaomi Mi3 benchmarkI have seen quite a few Xiaomi Mi3 smartphones that crossed 35,000 mark in Antutu. But for some reason, my Mi3 was never able to cross it, the highest it could reach is around 30,000. You can see that in the screenshot below. Even after having more than 500MB RAM free, it couldn’t cross the the 35,000 mark. In GFX bench it performed better than all of the smartphones, i’ve ever tested. Then again i have never tested a smartphone with Snapdragon 800 before. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi3 Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

Xiaomi Mi3 Unboxing

Xiaomi mi3 unboxingI had two choices to make this video. A simple plain one like i always do or slightly different. I selected slightly different. Because everybody else has already made that plain kind of unboxing video anyway. But, since i selected to do that ‘different’ kind of unboxing. I missed out on giving any kind of info on the device. So, i am going to tell you about the device in brief here. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi3 Unboxing”


I honestly can not believe what i am seeing right now. I am so excited i am getting goosebumps. EVEN WRITING ABOUT IT MAKING ME SHIVER DAMN IT!(See, i wrote it all with caps lock on, excitement is real). Since i am one hell of a budget phone lover. This is like a pure beast of a phone for the price of a generic smartphone with quad core processor and 5 inch screen. But Xiaomi Mi3 has the specs of a 40,000 Rupees flagship! I can recommend this phone even without touching/reviewing it. Continue reading “BRACE YOURSELF! XIAOMI Mi3 IS COMING FOR 14,999 RUPEES!”