Xiaomi Mi3 – Only for the chosen ones

Xiaomi Mi3Xiaomi Mi3 is a very nice phone. But the way Xiaomi is marketing it right now in India is not nice. This ‘hype’ business isn’t gonna last long. To get a Mi3 in India right now, you have two options. First you can buy it from Ebay, second you can buy it from Flipkart. But to buy it from flipkart you have to register first and even then if you are not a ‘Flipkart First’ subscriber. There’s every chance you are not going to get the device even after registration.

Like the guy in the video below. Since all the allocated phones have been bought by the priority buyers beforehand. It keeps showing it as out of stock just a second after it went on sale. Priority buyers get an early pass to buy the phone. Probably a day before. So, unless you are a priority buyer there’s a very little chance that they have kept a phone for you in stock. And whom knows? maybe all the phones in stock might have already been sold out on the 28th.

Xiaomi’s claim of the phone being sold out in just 5 seconds on their facebook page seems nothing in front of the video below. Anyway, if not anything just watch the video for a quick laugh.

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