Xiaomi Mi4i Benchmark & Gaming Performance

Xiaomi Mi4i Benchmark
Last year Qualcomm and Mediatek both had their respected chipsets for mid range. Qualcomm had Snapdragon 400 and Mediatek had MT6592. Now, Snapdragon 400 was no competition for Mediatek 6592 in raw processing power. And that is still the case in this present day. Now Qualcomm have Snapdragon 615 and Mediatek have MT6752 both are mid range chip-sets. And Snapdragon 615 just like last year is still no competition for MT6752. It’s history repeating itself and what did Qualcomm learn? Nothing.

It’s not that Snapdragon 615 is as bad as Snapdragon 400, the problem is poor optimization and out of control heating. While on the other hand Mediatek MT6752 is not only more powerful, it also runs at much lower temperature than Snapdragon 615. And performance wise, it could hardly beat the last year’s MT6592 chip-set in raw performance. You can see that in the benchmark scores below. It’s like Qualcomm is a generation behind. And it needs to do something about it.

Geekbench 3
3DMark – Sling Shot


Snapdragon 615 comes with Adreno 405 GPU which i must say is very ‘ordinary’. Since the phone gets too hot sometimes, it feels like the poor GPU is trying its hardest most of the time. But it just doesn’t have that raw power as its competition of this generation Mali T760MP has. Its actually pretty close to Mali 450MP in performance. You can see that in the gaming video below. The storage of this phone is fixed 16GB with no micro SD card slot, so as you might have figured already you have to manage your games and stuff properly, otherwise you’ll run of storage very fast. Its not that good of a gaming phone anyway.

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