Xiaomi Poco F1

I know you have done mistakes in the past Xiaomi. But all is forgiven now. Why? Because, look at what you did for the world, bae. You gave them the answer to probably the most asked question in the world, at least in the phone world. “What’s the best phone in the world?”. And yes, i just called Xiaomi, Bae.

Well, except for the cutout at the top, nobody can complain about anything regarding this phone. It’s just that good. In fact it’s so good, i didn’t even have words to say in the unboxing video. Oh and by the way, the cover you included in the box is loose.

Now, comes the part where i should write a bunch of specs but nah, just watch the ‘most satisfying’ style unboxing in the video below. And ask me anything related to the phone in the comments.

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