How hard is it to find a laptop with full HD display around Rs. 50,000 – 60,000?

lenovo flex 2Short answer, very hard. Long answer, they don’t exist. Okay, that wasn’t very long either. But anyway! The point is 50,000 – 60,000 Rupees(Approx $800 – $1000) price segment is not actually high end when it comes to Laptops but it’s not budget segment either, it is at least mid-high segment. And for that price companies don’t even give 1600×900 resolution screen let alone full HD screen. Smartphones around 20,000 Rupees have Full HD display now a days.

The laptop in the photo above is Lenovo Flex 2. When it launched a lot of websites, for example NDTV here, mentioned that it comes with full HD display and Core i7 processor but where is it? i checked on Lenovo’s official website and thedostore which is Lenovo’s official laptop marketplace in India. The laptop in the link is Lenovo Flex 2 top of the line model that is available in India. It doesn’t have Core i7 and/or full HD display. I know that no company is going give Core i7 around 50,000 Rupees. But they can at least give a full HD display.

A 1920×1080 pixel display is actually useful for people that use their laptop for photo/video editing, programming/developing/coding and things like that. Unlike smartphones in which it is nothing but a fancy gimmick to sell the damn phone. There’s only one good use of full HD display in a smartphone and that is to watch high resolution videos.

The cheapest laptop i found that at least mentioned full HD display under 60,000 Rupees is this HP Pavilion 15-p073tx. But then i searched more for it and i found this snapdeal link if you scroll down the listing, you’ll see that it clearly mentions 15.6 inches HD display of 1366 x 768 resolution(Which is almost like default resolution for laptops in India). Here goes my hopes again to find a perfect laptop for me under 60,000 Rupees.

Look at the rest of the specs of this laptop. Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GT 840M GPU with 2GB DDR3 dedicated memory, slim and light form factor. I mean, what more can you ask for around 60,0000 Rupees? but every time i look at that pathetic screen resolution after watching all those drool worthy specs, it feels like i was watching a sweet dream that suddenly became a nightmare.

I searched more and found some laptops even below 50,000 Rupees on ebay. Like this one here HP Envy M6, i was like wow. So, all the time i was just looking at wrong places. But when i scrolled down i found out that it is an imported ‘maal’ from USA and doesn’t come with Indian warranty. Which is a pretty important thing when it comes to laptops. And then i was like damn.

This monopoly of companies on laptop’s screen resolution and price needs to stop. I think this laptop market also needs some local players like Micromax and Karbonn and Chinese manufacturers like Gionee and Xiaomi. To really give us value for money. Or to at least send a message to these big brands that they can’t keep looting us with outdated specs like this. Lenovo is technically a Chinese company but it doesn’t behave like one though. If you know about a laptop that comes with full HD display under 60,000 Rupees, tell me about it in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “How hard is it to find a laptop with full HD display around Rs. 50,000 – 60,000?”

  1. sony laptops are on clearance sale for around 55000 to 70000

    sony prioritizes screens, plus some of them are convertibles too

    check in snapdeal. should come with sony india warranty

    other option is to import FHD tablets such as Dell venue 11 pro 64 gb or Lenovo Miix 2 10 but they will come without Indian warranty

    1. also watch out for the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 that is about to be launched in India and Latitude 13 7000 which has just been announced globally. they are also FHD display.

  2. lenovo is giving many full hd laptops that too under 60.000. DOnt know when you checked. please do check it out in the dostore.. I am myself looking for a fhd laptop under 60000 with slim form factor and descent specs, which actually bought me to this place 🙂

    1. The latest Lenovo Flex 2 on comes with full HD display and decent specs around Rs. 50,000 but it doesn’t have an optical disk drive which is a deal breaker for me.

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