Xiaomi Mi4i Review – Just If…

Xiaomi Mi4i Review
You might have heard of the saying “Not everybody get what they want”. That “just if…” above is exactly that. I don’t say this for many phones, but just if it had a slightly better chip-set than Snapdragon 615, let’s say Mediatek MT6752, this phone could have been ‘perfect’. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi4i Review – Just If…”

Xiaomi Mi4i Benchmark & Gaming Performance

Xiaomi Mi4i Benchmark
Last year Qualcomm and Mediatek both had their respected chipsets for mid range. Qualcomm had Snapdragon 400 and Mediatek had MT6592. Now, Snapdragon 400 was no competition for Mediatek 6592 in raw processing power. And that is still the case in this present day. Now Qualcomm have Snapdragon 615 and Mediatek have MT6752 both are mid range chip-sets. And Snapdragon 615 just like last year is still no competition for MT6752. It’s history repeating itself and what did Qualcomm learn? Nothing. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi4i Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

Xiaomi Mi4i Unboxing

Xiaomi Mi4i box
Well, since i didn’t really talk about the phone or its specs in the unboxing video, i guess it’s just fair to type about it here. This is my second Xiaomi phone. And it is quite in terms of quality. Which is expected because they don’t call, Xiaomi the “Apple of China” for nothing. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi4i Unboxing”

Sony Xperia E4G Review

Sony Xperia E4G ReviewSony Xperia E4G could have been a great budget phone just if Sony had paid a little attention on its camera and RAM department. It’s screen size is perfect for one hand use, it’s very portable and lightweight. Continue reading “Sony Xperia E4G Review”

Sony Xperia E4G Benchmark & Gaming Performance

Sony Xperia E4 BenchmarkSony Xperia E4G costs only 12,000 Rupees and in Vellamo’s browser test it beat Samsung Galaxy S5. Now, one could argue that it has a low resolution screen and all that. I would say it did great for the price. Although it also have some problems and lack of RAM is one of them. Due to which the benchmarks sometimes crash in between the testing process. Continue reading “Sony Xperia E4G Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

HTC Desire 626G+ Review

HTC Desire 626G+ ReviewYou know, when you expect something and happens something else. That’s what happened with this phone. I expected something and got something else. It’s like the saying “same wine in different bottle”. This wine, i mean phone is not all bad though, it has got some good points too. Like it’s camera. To find out more good and bad points of this phone, keep reading the review. Continue reading “HTC Desire 626G+ Review”

Sony Xperia E4G Unboxing

Sony Xperia E4G BoxAs promised, here’s an unboxing of a non HTC phone. The Sony Xperia E4G is the newest entry in Sony’s entry level line up and also its E series. This phone may look like a mini E4 dual but from the inside it is entirely different, to know the differences read on. Continue reading “Sony Xperia E4G Unboxing”