Htc Desire 310 Short & Sweet Review

Htc_desire_310_review_1Htc desire 310 left a lot of things to desire. It’s like Htc has taken the name literally. There’s not a lot to write about this phone. As it has no special features, actually apart from its price it has nothing that i can call special. I thought it’s special because this phone might have been the first from Htc to have 1GB RAM with a really affordable price. But i am proven wrong. Thanks snapdeal partially for that. They stated specs wrong in their description of the phone. As a result of that i am stuck with a phone with 512MB RAM. Continue reading “Htc Desire 310 Short & Sweet Review”

Htc Desire 310 Benchmark & Gaming Performance

Htc_desire_310_benchmarkHtc desire 310 is a very average phone, everything about it shouts average, from its processor to its camera. But in the benchmark tests it performed a little above than average or you can also say a little better than what you would expect from a phone under this price range. Some of the benchmark tests like T-rex test of geekbench test didn’t even start. The reason it stated for not being able to run the test was not the weak CPU or GPU but its lack of RAM. As this phone has only 512MB RAM which acts as a bottleneck for demanding games and benchmark tests. Continue reading “Htc Desire 310 Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

Htc Desire 310 Unboxed

Htc_desire_310When i first saw this phone and its price online, i was pretty excited. I was thinking, finally HTC has made an affordable budget phone worth checking out. Unlike its previous budget offerings HTC Wildfire. This phone has most of the things right, a 1.3 Ghz quadcore processor (Cortex A7), a dual core GPU (Mali 400MP2), Mediatek MTK 6582 chipset. 5 Megapixel camera although without flash but with full HD recording, 2,000 mAh battery. All of that and HTC build quality for only rupees 11,000 Rupees, approx $182. So then, what’s the problem? Well the problem is not exactly HTC’s here but still it’s a problem. Continue reading “Htc Desire 310 Unboxed”