HTC Desire 516 Review

HTC Desire 516 reviewAs you people may have already know by now that HTC Desire 516 is the cheapest smartphone from HTC with a 5 inch screen. It also has a quadcore processor by the way. It looks good, isn’t it? Just stick a quadcore moniker with a phone and it suddenly becomes desirable. The people that buy these phones don’t even know what they are buying. They just fall for the advertising. But then again, it’s all business. You can’t blame anybody but yourself. Continue reading “HTC Desire 516 Review”

HTC Desire 516 or Blackberry Z3

One more choice, you can buy both. But the price at which they are available at. I don’t think the companies are aiming for people whom can buy both. Anyway, The major difference between both these phones is of the OS. HTC Desire 516 runs on Android while Blackberry Z3 runs on god-knows-what. Oh yes, after a quick Google search now i know. It runs on something called Blackberry OS. And that is the main problem with Blackberry now a days. It is becoming obsolete. Continue reading “HTC Desire 516 or Blackberry Z3”