HTC Desire 620G Review

HTC Desire 620G ReviewI don’t know what to write about this phone anymore. I bought it solely because i thought it comes with full HTC Sense 6.0 now that i know, it doesn’t. There’s really not much difference left between this phone and HTC Desire 616. You can also compare it with Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime as it comes with a front 5 MP camera. But then again, it’s not really a selfie camera. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad camera. Its just it does not have the same features as a selfie camera. Even the octa core Mediatek MTK 6592 chipset isn’t that special anymore. As it is easily available in phones below 10,000 Rupees or approx $160 USD. Anyway for the extra price you are going to get HTC’s name and quality if nothing else. Continue reading “HTC Desire 620G Review”

HTC Desire 620G Benchmark & Gaming Performance

HTC Desire 620G benchmarkThe benchmark performance of HTC Desire 620G is not much different from any other phone with Mediatek 6592 chipset. Although it kind of under performed for some reason as you can see in the Antutu score below. Usually phones with same chipset score around 25,000 points but Desire 620G only managed to get around 23,000 points same as HTC Desire 616 but that one was under clocked to 1.4 GHz while Desire 620G has 1.7 GHz. Maybe just 1GB of RAM is the reason of that. And this lack of performance is kind of visible in the phones UI it sometimes stutter or even slows down or does not respond for a second or so. Continue reading “HTC Desire 620G Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

HTC Desire 620G Unboxing

HTC Desire 620G
HTC Desire 620G is just like HTC Desire 616 an affordable Octacore smartphone from HTC but the former is much more complete than the later one actually. HTC Desire 616 felt like HTC rushed to launch an affordable Octacore smartphone. It came with only 4GB of internal storage and HTC Sense version 5.5 which had some bugs. While HTC Desire 620G feels like much more polished device. As it comes with more internal storage, 5MP front camera and non under clocked chipset, all for a very attractive price. Continue reading “HTC Desire 620G Unboxing”