Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Review

Galaxy grand 2 reviewSamsung Galaxy Grand 2 looks like a really good smartphone when you first look at it, but like they say looks can be deceiving. So, i dove further into the phone to see if its just looks or does it really has something which makes it unique? Let me give you a hint, the answer is not surprising. You can read all about it below and also the video review of this phone turned out to be pretty long. So i am thinking just to make things up for that, i am going to keep this written review a little short and mostly concentrate on important points and things that i liked and things about the phone that i didn’t. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Review”

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Benchmark & Gaming

Galaxy Grand 2 Benchmark Benchmark performance of Samsung Galaxy grand is pretty average as you’d expect from a mid ranger. Benchmarks fluctuates a lot during the GPU test, but that is expected because of its weak GPU. For 22,990 Rupees you are getting a very average GPU i.e, Adreno 305 but a very good HD display. Seriously the processor doesn’t do justice to the display. It deserves better. The phone lags in general anyway mainly due to weak processor and on top of that heavy customization of Android OS. Even 1.5GB of RAM couldn’t help it that much, because more than half of the RAM is consumed by the OS itself leaving very less for apps. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Benchmark & Gaming”

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Unboxing

Galaxy Grand 2Samsung Galaxy Grand was such a successful phone. You know why? Because it was the first smartphone or first affordable smartphone with a 5 inch screen from an international brand like Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 on the other hand has no such advantage. Although it has bigger 5.25 inches HD screen but except for that, it’s actually even inferior than the phones that are already available in the market at much lower prices. The only thing which is worth its price tag is the beautiful 720p HD screen by Samsung. I am quite surprised by the quality of the display actually. I have never used a Galaxy phone before maybe that’s why i am feeling surprised. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Unboxing”

Samsung’s newest announcement Galaxy Grand 2 (updated)

samsung galaxy grand 2Samsung just announced the successor of it’s immensely popular smartphone, especially in India, Galaxy Grand. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 will be a worthy update over its predecessor only if Samsung gets the price right. Because by looking at the specs it looks like any other Chinese/Indian branded quad-core smartphones available in India right now. It has nothing which isn’t already available in the market and that too at very affordable prices. Samsung official reveal page states that it now consists of a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon or Mediatek not mentioned yet. Continue reading “Samsung’s newest announcement Galaxy Grand 2 (updated)”