Sony Xperia C Benchmarks & Gaming

xperia c benchmarkThe benchmark performance of Sony Xperia C was too predictable because of its chipset. The Mediatek MTK 6589 chipset gives a very consistent performance in benchmarks, like always. The performance of Sony Xperia C was a little higher than Canvas 4 and other 5 inch screen phones with HD screens though, because of its qHD display. Only benchmark that didn’t run well or perform well was 3DMark which is a benchmark mainly for gaming and it ran on HD resolution. Rest of the benchmarks run well because then ran on Xperia C’s native qHD resolution. Although there are other things that effects benchmark performance too like speed of Micro SD card or how full your memory is. So all of it doesn’t depends on CPU and GPU alone. Continue reading “Sony Xperia C Benchmarks & Gaming”