Xiaomi Mi4i Benchmark & Gaming Performance

Xiaomi Mi4i Benchmark
Last year Qualcomm and Mediatek both had their respected chipsets for mid range. Qualcomm had Snapdragon 400 and Mediatek had MT6592. Now, Snapdragon 400 was no competition for Mediatek 6592 in raw processing power. And that is still the case in this present day. Now Qualcomm have Snapdragon 615 and Mediatek have MT6752 both are mid range chip-sets. And Snapdragon 615 just like last year is still no competition for MT6752. It’s history repeating itself and what did Qualcomm learn? Nothing. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi4i Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

Sony Xperia E4G Benchmark & Gaming Performance

Sony Xperia E4 BenchmarkSony Xperia E4G costs only 12,000 Rupees and in Vellamo’s browser test it beat Samsung Galaxy S5. Now, one could argue that it has a low resolution screen and all that. I would say it did great for the price. Although it also have some problems and lack of RAM is one of them. Due to which the benchmarks sometimes crash in between the testing process. Continue reading “Sony Xperia E4G Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

HTC Desire 626G+ Benchmark & Gaming Performance

HTC Desire 626G+ benchmarkAs you might know by now, if you have read my unboxing post that this phone does not have the chipset it ‘supposed’ to have instead it has an old chipset. So obviously it’s not going to set the benchmarks on fire. Still, had to test it so here are the results. Continue reading “HTC Desire 626G+ Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

HTC Desire 820s Benchmark & Gaming Performance

HTC Desire 820s BenchmarksThis might be the first phone i have used that has scored more than 40,000 points in Antutu and beaten the likes of Samsung Galaxy S5. And it’s not just ‘cosmetic’ performance, as in just performed in benchmarks. No, the kind of raw power this phone has is completely visible in over all phone functions and especially in gaming. Continue reading “HTC Desire 820s Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

HTC Desire 526G+ Benchmark & Gaming Performance

HTC Desire 526G+ BenchmarkName one phone. I know i did this before. But here’s the question again. Name one phone except this one for around 10,000 Rupees that can score more than 30,000 points in Antutu. I don’t think there is one. I don’t know what they did. But it’s like they have figured out how to use the full potential of this Mediatek MT6592 chipset. Continue reading “HTC Desire 526G+ Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

HTC Desire 620G Benchmark & Gaming Performance

HTC Desire 620G benchmarkThe benchmark performance of HTC Desire 620G is not much different from any other phone with Mediatek 6592 chipset. Although it kind of under performed for some reason as you can see in the Antutu score below. Usually phones with same chipset score around 25,000 points but Desire 620G only managed to get around 23,000 points same as HTC Desire 616 but that one was under clocked to 1.4 GHz while Desire 620G has 1.7 GHz. Maybe just 1GB of RAM is the reason of that. And this lack of performance is kind of visible in the phones UI it sometimes stutter or even slows down or does not respond for a second or so. Continue reading “HTC Desire 620G Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

HTC Desire 820 Benchmark & Gaming Performance

HTC Desire 820 Antutu BenchmarkAs you can see in the photo above HTC Desire 820 scored almost 28,000 points in Antutu benchmark all thanks to the new Snapdragon 615 chip-set. It is not a bad score for supposedly upper mid-range phone. It even beat HTC One in ‘Multi-core’ and ‘Metal’ test of Vellamo benchmark and in benchmarks like Quadrant and Nenamark 2 the frames were like fixed at 60 frames per second. This is the first mid-range chipset from Snapdragon that has performed this well in benchmarks. Otherwise chip-sets like Snapdragon 400… don’t even want to remember. Continue reading “HTC Desire 820 Benchmark & Gaming Performance”