LG announces G Flex with curved display

LG G flexI don’t get it, why these companies keeps releasing such useless phones, like how is curved display an innovation? First Samsung and now LG if they’d have released a bendable phone then i would’ve been running in circles and shouting that let me want to play with the damn thing. But no, what do they release instead a phone with a fixed curved display, about which i can bet none of us especially an average consumer like me wouldn’t care! And on top of that they are going to release that thing with a price tag that would break hearts of most of us and make us think why are we so poor. Continue reading “LG announces G Flex with curved display”

New Apple iPad Mini Retina

iPad MiniThe mini just like the leaks gets a ‘Retina’ 2048×1536 resolution Display, that’s more than your eyes could ever be able to see on a 7.9inch screen, PPI doesn’t even matter here, and surprisingly it also gets the latest chipset straight from iPhone 5s, the A7 64 bit chip along with M7 motion processor and it runs on iOS7 Operating System. Basically it has the same resolution as the bigger iPad Retina or the iPad Air. Its got 10 hours battery life. Its got the same 5 Megapixel iSight Camera at the back and HD Camera in the front and will also be available in space/gray, white/silver colours. So there’s not really that much difference now between iPad Air or iPad Mini apart from the Price and Screen size. The old iPad mini will still be available at $299, approximately around 19,000 Rupees The new iPad Mini will start at $399, roughly around 25,000 Rupees in India. Coming Soon in India. Continue reading “New Apple iPad Mini Retina”

The new iPad is called iPad Air

iPad AirWell here it is the wait is over and the new iPad is here and its called ‘iPad Air’ and just like the leaks, it looks exactly like the iPad Mini just with a big display. It runs on the same A7 64 bit processor and M7 motion processor as iPhone 5s, no new ‘A7x’ this time, maybe next time. It will be available in following colours white/gray, silver/black. Its now only 7.5mm thick and weighs only 469grams(WiFi only model). It runs on iOS7 operating system. On the back its got 5 Megapixel iSight camera and HD Camera in front, same 10 hours battery life as before. It will replace the existing iPad or ‘iPad Retina’ but iPad 2 will still be available for $399. None of the iPads announced contains the ‘Touch ID’ feature, as it was suggested in the leaks. The iPad Air will start at $499 for 16GB WiFi only, approx 31,000 Rupees. It will start shipping on 1st of November in several markets worldwide, though no news on release date in India but its coming soon. Continue reading “The new iPad is called iPad Air”

Nokia announces a list of new devices

Nokia AshaNokia was supposed to confirm the leaked Nokia 6 inch screen phone known as Lumia 1520 and its new Asha line up, but instead they announced a little more. Nokia in its Abu Dhabi Keynote unveiled another 6 inch screen phone called Lumia 1320, which is supposedly the mid-range version of 1520. It is supposed to launch in Asian and European markets first in early 2014. While Lumia 1520 will release in Europe, China, HongKong, Germany, UK first no news of it to release in India as of now. Nokia also announced a tablet called Lumia 2520(i think the bigger the number the screen, anyone else?) anyways, its a 10.1 inch screen tablet which runs on Windows RT… Windows RT… Windows RT… Yes you read that right, may God help that tablet. Nokia also announced an update exclusively for Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices dubbed as ‘Lumia Black’ Nokia Lumia 1520 will ship with it, Lumia 1320 will get it later along with other Lumia devices. confirmed devices which will get Lumia black update are Nokia’s Lumia 920 series and 1020, Nothing solid on Lumia black update for other Lumia devices like 720, 625, 820, 620, 520. Continue reading “Nokia announces a list of new devices”

New Game From The Makers Of Angry Birds

angry birds goRovio, the makers of Angry Birds have revealed a new game for mobile platforms called “Angry Birds Go”. I think its short for Go kart because Angry Birds Go is a racing game just like mario kart and various racing games you’ve played before, but instead of Mario and Sonic you will get Birds and Pigs. Anyways, the game is going to come out for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10 OS on 11th of December. Continue reading “New Game From The Makers Of Angry Birds”