HTC Desire 820s Benchmark & Gaming Performance

HTC Desire 820s BenchmarksThis might be the first phone i have used that has scored more than 40,000 points in Antutu and beaten the likes of Samsung Galaxy S5. And it’s not just ‘cosmetic’ performance, as in just performed in benchmarks. No, the kind of raw power this phone has is completely visible in over all phone functions and especially in gaming. This phone even topped some of the benchmarks, which you can see in the screenshots below.

Nenamark 2


Here are some highlights of what this phone can do in terms of gaming. It can play GTA San Andreas at maximum settings, at full speed without any lags or stuttering. It can play Asphalt 8 at the highest available settings without breaking any sweat. Games that has advanced graphical features like “motion blur”, “dynamic depth of field” it can display them. Unlike most of old mid-range GPUs that doesn’t have the raw power to display all these effects fluently. Basically, what i am saying is there is no game in Google Play Store right now that this phone can’t run and that too at highest possible settings. All of this is possible because of the new Mali T760 GPU inside this phone. And also this phone comes with Android 4.4.4 version of KitKat in which the micro SD card acts as internal memory when available and because of that you can install games or put game data directly on micro SD card and the game will run.

3 thoughts on “HTC Desire 820s Benchmark & Gaming Performance”

  1. Does it get heated as much as the HTC desire 820 while gaming?
    I saw a video which showed that it touched 51 degree….and few frame drops too..
    Is this same problem observed in Desire 820s too?

  2. Why don’ u make a complairing video bitween this phone amd Xperia C4?! It will be great i think so.two powerfull phones against each other.

  3. good day
    I bought the phone HTC 820 Q by dot-com market company and show it to ensure Hong Kong’s international and best phone Pfirs via the internet I should send its own to upload and thank you

    I would like to send site in English or Link to download a soft

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