Interesting phone news: LS’ 360° bendable phone leaked

Well, today I’ve got some interesting news for you all. According to one of my hypothetical sources, it’s been revealed that a company called LS(Life Sucks) is making a bendable phone, ’cause bending is future, and the phone is completely bendable up to 360° and it’s paper thin, which makes it perfect to be used in bathroom as toilet paper, if there is no toilet paper in there and you are in emergency.

What more, you can use it as a bracelet, you know bracelets which we used to wear as kids that also works as scale. It remains in hard block like condition until you snap it around your wrist. Now this phone is been kept under top secret bunker under the ground that’s why we cant get any photos of it but you are smart people you can imagine what a toilet paper phone would look like.

According to specs its runs on an OS called “Wetdroid” ’cause the phone is supposed to be wet most of the time, hence the OS is designed specifically for it. Most of the specs are as usual as any other smartphone these days but most of it’s notable features are, 5 inch screen with “porning potty glass” as protection on top of it, the glass is totally bendable and twistable and it won’t get dirty no matter how much you use it. Its body is made of an hybrid material, imagine a plunger and paper but its black in colour and remains hard until you bend or twist it. In hand it will look like any other normal 5 inch screen smartphone. So, that you won’t look like a stupid holding it in public.

Several companies have been making games and apps for it specifically, we approached one of the lucky companies called “WeMakeSh*tApps” that have been making games for the phone already. They said they’ve been blown away by the hardware of this phone and all ‘unconventional’ things they can do with it. They have been making a game called “Toilet Run” in which you run round and round in your toilet keeps jumping over commode and while doing that you tries to aim your, you know what, that it fells right in the center and you do all this while you keep your camera on. The company said the best part is after you are done you can use your phone to wipe your, you know what.

One more company is making an App called “piece counter”, this app magically counts how many pieces you dropped in there automatically. The companies are saying we are going to do our best to keep people healthy and their tummy happy. One very interesting game is being made for it called “Seconds to reach”, this game is a massively multiplayer online game which means you will compete with other people online but to be eligible to play this game you need to have diarrhea, that’s the only requirement this game has. Basically, what this game does is, it counts how many seconds/time it takes you to reach the toilet. One thing’s for sure though the graphics of this game are going to be disturbing.

When we were talking to the developer, we heard one of the company spokesperson quietly say (it’s all going to go down the gutter, anyway) in background. Well, one thing’s for sure companies are sure very excited about this ‘bendable’ future. They said its going to change how we interact with our phone in toilet. No info on the release date and price yet. That’s up to you though how much do you wanna pay for such a marvel in phone and toilet business.

One question for all the commenters, would you buy it?

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